Colt Cannon Interview

Words by Ralph Lloyd Davis – 12th December 2005
Photo by Leo Sharpe

So Colt, how’s England been treating you? Cold eh?

Yeah! (Laughs) I cannot get this cold out of my head… It was wet for the first couple of days over here, but it’s been fun.

Any tourism?

No…More like skate tourism-skating, skating, skating…

I’ve seen your travel agenda and it’s absolutely mental, like five or six countries in three weeks! How do you cope with such a schedule?

Well, you know it’s amazing to travel all over the world! It’s such a privilege, but after a while you’ve just got to take it day by day looking for the positive aspects of it all, and realise how lucky you are. That will get you through it.

The first time people really noticed you was as a hungry amateur getting his check out in an old 411VM. Back then could you have imagined where skating was about to take you, and how far you could take it?

I sort of knew that I would be travelling a bit, but I had no idea that it was possible to even travel this much! I didn’t think pros back then were even travelling that much…

Both yourself and Pete (Ramondetta) have taken part in King of the Road contests- How was it?

Oh it was great! But I had a lot of “pints” on the road, perhaps a little too many… (Laughs) That might have held the team back a bit.

Do you think that if you combined forces as the Circa team, you’d have a better chance of winning it?

If Circa ever took part in KOTR, I think we would do really good, just because I know what to do now, what not to do and so does Pete.

Whilst on the road you meet a lot of groupies. What’s the most desperate thing you’ve ever seen a groupie do to get your attention?

(Laughs) I just think any groupie that comes up and asks you to sign their tits is pretty bad… (Laughs) We’ve had people follow us back to the hotels and camp out side which is pretty overboard!

I know you’re a big sports fan, do you practice any other disciplines?

Yeah, I definitely try and stay as active as I can in other sports, but it’s hard to join up in leagues nowadays, so I usually just go around and mess around with a football or whatnot…

Do you admire any other sports personalities, not skaters?

Over in the States we have a type of football, not soccer…

Yeah, I know- American football, the NFL… Duh!

Ok, so there’s this team, the Indianapolis Colts who I like to keep tabs on.

It’s all for the namesake… (Laughs)

Yeah! (Laughs) They are my favourite team right now, and they’re undefeated.

Actually that’s something: Your name- Colt Cannon- Is that just a joke? Is your real name Reginald or Bob or something..?

Uhmmm… My dad had five kids all together, all named Cannon, and they all ride in the rodeos so he just named the last two Cody and Colt. My name is Colt, like a baby horse, and I can’t get rid of it… (Laughs)

Perhaps after this skateboarding malarkey, you could have a go in the Porn Industry?

Yeah! I’ve heard about that! I’m getting better and I’m starting to last a bit longer, so… (Laughs)

You mentioned your brothers were rodeo riders, which in relation to skateboarding is a pretty dangerous sport. One minute you’re riding along having a wail of a time, and the next you could be seriously injured and out of the game. Does injury ever worry you?

Of course, but now skateboarding isn’t something I just do for fun- It’s a job, it’s what I depend on for income. If I get hurt and money stops coming, that’s a serious thing to think about… You have to live your life, but injuries suck! At least I have a good family and friends to fall back on, so I can sleep at night. But if ever I’m going to skate a big handrail, I definitely make sure I know what the hell I’m doing because I don’t want to fall on my balls!

Yeah, but it seems like amateurs today are without hesitation and wreckless. It’s like they are blind to the real dangers and just desperate to get noticed.

Oh yeah, amateurs are definitely hungry because they need to fight for the spotlight and get noticed by sponsors and whatnot. Pros hold back a little bit more because they are more established, and don’t need to be pushing themselves as much which can also result in laziness. But, I’m not naming any names because it’s human nature and natural for almost anyone in any sport.

You don’t live in San Jose anymore, do you? But you’ve still got ties to the Tilt Mode Army, haven’t you?

No, I moved down to San Diego two years ago, now. But the Tilt Mode skate posse, I love those dudes!

What are they up to nowadays?

Uhmmm… A lot of them are involved in the Enjoi video project, so they are busy filming for that.

Will you have a little cameo in there too?

Yeah, I mean I talked to the main filmer and he said he wants some tricks of me in the video, so I was pretty psyched to hear that and I’m going to try and go and film some bangers for them!

Now, you’re pro for Element skateboards, and they now produce everything from trucks to shoes to travel bags- You name it, they make it! Have you ever considered taking the easy route and quitting all your other sponsors for one which could satisfy your every need?

(Laughs) It’s definitely tempting! Element is a very strong company and I love riding for them. But riding for everything all through one sponsor would be just a tad bit over the top! (Laughs) I like having the diversity of my other sponsors, and I think riding for Element clothes and boards is a strong enough combination for me.

If you could be sponsored by any company, be it Coca Cola, Macintosh, anything, what would it be?

I’d have to say, maybe… Bank of America., or Ralph’s grocery stores! (Laughs)

I’m Ralph! I can hook you up with a pound of veg!

Great! (Laughs) Wait- or Toyota! Ooh… I love Toyotas!Is that what you’re riding at the moment?

Yeah, I have a Toyota Tundra back home.

Circa has gone through a lot of changes over the last couple of years, how has that affected yourself and the team?

It definitely does! I mean, we switched up big parts of our team, like Jaime Thomas, Chad Muska, those guys… Mark Appleyard! They were leaders, not to mention really good skaters! So, losing people like that definitely affects the company a little bit, but not too much because we’ve got a solid squad now, good friends travelling on the road.

And you’re all set to go now working on the new video…

Yeah, absolutely! The video is going to be coming out soon and we’re all psyched for it. We’ve been waiting for this video to drop, and we’re all ready for it.

Is there anyone the public and media should be keeping their eyes open for on the team, any secret ├╝ber-ams we don’t recognize yet?

You know, that’s the thing! Everyone has been working so hard for this video, that we’re all going to have parts worth watching over and over again. So, you’ll just have to use your own judgement… I must say, though, that the amateur squad we have is pretty insane!

Elsewhere, Element has got two teams running: You guys in the States and your counterparts in Europe. Do you ever get to hook up and skate or hang out together at all?

Yeah, they are all awesome!

How about that little Evelien (Bouillart) from Belgium? She’s gnarly!

(Laughs) Yeah! Actually, I’ve spoken to her a few times on MySpace! (Laughs) She’s cool, she definitely kills it!

You have your own website, don’t you?


When can we expect to see more footage of you dancing around in your underpants on there?

(Laughs!) I’ve just got to get better at websites… I’ve been talking to a friend who might take things over for me and make it really cool, so I’ll definitely be adding some more films soon! (Laughs)

Cool! One of your quirky characteristics is your love for pop music. Please explain.

Laughs) Oh man… Black Eyed Peas is one of the bands I hate the most I think at the moment, with their stupid ‘Lumps’ song! Peter likes it! (Laughs) But, me…

They are all prefabricated anyway… Actually looking at how the media can push trends and force feed imagery to the masses, have you ever felt like you might need to really change things up a bit and present yourself differently?

No… I don’t worry about any of that because the kids that follow my skating will follow it no matter what the great trend is! I mean my fans get stoked by various things they see, but they seem pretty content with what I’m doing as a skater. I just try and keep pushing myself year after year, and not become one of those pros that just sits back and doesn’t do shit… You’ll see in the Circa video, what I’ve been up to. As far as trends, I can’t wear tight pants or triple XL shirts! (Laughs) I’m not good with trends.

How stoked were you on Britney Spears having a baby?

(Takes serious voice) Oh! You know… She just had to go off and do her own thing and marry this guy, Kevin- that she just met! Whatever… I knew it wasn’t going to last because it looks like it’s heading for the rocks. But perhaps one day, we’ll bump into oneanother and hit it off, but I don’t know if I’ve got that much love left for her anymore..? She didn’t save herself for me, so what kind of shit is that?!?

Damn! Bummer… But skateboarding is huge right now, I mean look at the rumours about Bam sleeping with Jessica Simpson? Have you ever heard of or been approached by celebrities that want to hit it off with a gnarly pro skater?

No, not much… If you live in Hollywood you might have some pull because people from over there are so screwed up anyway. It’s weird, I mean, I heard Darrell Stanton slept with Avril Lavigne?!?

Pete Ramondetta:That’s bull shit!

Really? Is that bull shit?

Ummm… Conflicting stories. I heard Kirsten Dunst had the hots for Geoff Rowley…

Yeah, I heard she was looking to date a skater or something lame like that, just going through the list of pro skaters… Yeah, to clear up: Darrell used to be a compulsive liar, so not even 80 percent of the shit he says is true!

Oh, nice!


So I guess you can’t trust him on claiming tricks then! (Laughs)

Yeah, tricks, hooking up with girls… I’ve been to a party with him where he didn’t leave my sight for more than two minutes, and the next day he’s all like, “Yeah, I took these two chicks to the bathroom and banged them out!” I’m just like, “No you didn’t! You were hanging around with me all night!” (Laughs)


He’s cool, but he just tries to impress people too much sometimes…

Alright, back to you Colt! It’s your birthday in a couple of days! What do you want?

Yeah! I turn 24 years old this Monday. Everyone seems to think I look a lot older like 26 or 27 or something…

Yeah, you’re working too hard man!

(Laughs) Well, now we’re on the subject of girls, I mean, Avril Lavigne coming out of a cake… No, wait! Actually, for once I would like a sushi cake, California rolls…

Wait! What do you mean by Sushi cake? Do you mean one of those naked chicks that you can eat food off?

Oh my god! Yeah, if I can get one of those then sure! Yeah, a hot naked women that I could eat sushi off- that would be a good birthday present! (Laughs)

What do you want for Christmas Pete?

I want to skate Union Square in San Francisco! They just re-built it, but its 24 hour security. Early Christmas morning will probably be the only time of day you could hit it up!

I was in Washington not that long ago, and Pulaski Park which I thought was a bust was absolutely fine to skate. Do think people tend to over react? I mean, during SF’s heyday, people were like, “Don’t go there! It’s a bust, skate-stoppers everywhere…”

Well they skate-stopped and knobbed all the famous spots like the Pier, Black Rock and Embarcadero, but there are still loads of spots! People are finding new stuff to skate all the time, building new shit, new parks… Between SF and Oakland there is so much untapped shit.

Have either of you ever gone hands down and built your own spot, like cement a jersey barrier or knock together a curb or something..?

No… I like to skate stuff that’s not built for skating! I’ve skated spots like that, but I’ve never done it myself.

I think the most I’ve ever done with my friends is put a curb on top of a bank spot near my house… (Laughs)

I think that’s it for me. Any last words of wisdom for a fellow skater about to visit these cold North Sea shores?

(Laughs) Uhh… Bring thermals! Thermals would be key right now! Two pairs of socks everyday…

Gloves and a beanie!

Yeah, gloves and a beanie… A light but warm jacket, perhaps one of those ski-masks? (Laughs)

Are you sure? We have problems with terrorists here too, you know?

Well then spray it pink with a big sign that reads, “Do not worry!” on it! (Laughs)

And in the restaurants? What’s safe when faced with English cuisine?

Straight up steak, baby!


(Together) Stella! (Laughs!)

Ralph Lloyd-Davis