Brandon Ide Interview

Portrait by Grant Jolly
Tre Flip over bin by Chris Winch
Footage filmed and edited by PaulVX

Scotland has unleashed many very talented skateboarders over the last couple of years and it seems like when it rains, it pours.

Osiris Shoes picked up on Brandon Ide throughout 2007 and instantly recognised that he would be one of the only 2 riders on the UK team. He has tech skills a plenty and certainly does not seem afraid to get his hands dirty on the big stuff, so Joe Moynihan shared some words for this Fresh Blood interview.

First of all, we met you this year as a guest for Osiris at the Crossfire Xmas Jam (07) let’s hear all about skating with all the US Osiris crew in London. How was it?

So much fun! I can’t even explain. It was my first time away on a proper trip and my first time in London so stoked to be there; especially with all the U.S guys they are awesome and I hope I see those guys again. Can’t thank the guys at Jett26 enough for making that happen.

Rattray reps Scotland hard, you must be stoked to be on the same team. How did you get hooked up with Osiris?

Haha yeah I’m so stoked. Like 3 or 4 months ago a friend of mine was over from California, he said I should put together some stuff, send it away, and see if anything happens. He helped film a little, I sent it off and here I am basically, Getting into Osiris though was like, wow. Happened so fast as well, 3 months ago I was buying my gear from TK Maxx then 3 months later I was in London with the Osiris dudes…

Are there any further trips this year that you’ll be involved in?

I hope so, that’s all I want to do, travel and skate as much as I can as soon as I can, Osiris is the only thing helping me out right now so ill just have to see what happens I guess.

So you’ve been skating six years now, what made you start?

I was into Tony Hawk’s pro skater like mad, like the only Playstation game I played then, when it came to completing it and unlocking all those videos and seeing what skateboarding was, I couldn’t believe my eyes and decided to try it out.

Those games have influenced a new generation of skaters that are bringing more combinations of tricks together, looking back do you see it as a major influence in what can be done on a deck?

For me it was anyway, I wouldn’t like to know how many times I watched all them videos, and sat repeating tricks figuring out how to do them n shit, that’s pretty sad actually but screw it, it did kind of help.

What tricks are your worst nightmare, which ones do you find hard and why?

Hardflips, I hate hardflips, only because I can’t do them haha! They do seem to be bit easier switch for me. Same with varial heels, I’d rather do them switch as well if I decide to do one that is.

What sort of places were you skating when you first started?

When I started I was skating the kerbs down the street, a classical plastic McGill kicker ramp from Argos and rail to match. I was actually hanging with a group of bladers at first for about a year or something till I met with the dudes I skate with now. Was skating like that till I could get into Glasgow and start skating the real stuff.

The weather must play an important part of whether you skate or not in Scotland, is Unit 23 the saviour for Glasgow?

Haha yeah man definitely on a rainy day. Most Glasgow skaters have no where else to go but there if it rains which isn’t bad at all. It gets everyone together for a good ol session. I can’t wait for summer though man, so we can get some street skating done for a change.

Transgression Skatepark has just opened in Edinburgh, been over there yet? Is the Edinburgh scene stoked?

I really gotta check that place out. I actually might try go over there next weekend or something. The Edinburgh guys needed an indoor park near by to skate so they must be stoked for sure. I know I would be.

The two Dougie’s and Ken at EHX have managed to achieve something which Edinburgh council haven’t after 20 years of trying, do you think that with the addition of the new Aberdeen park, Dundee’s concrete and the news that Kirkintilloch is about to get a new park has the scene up there been revitalised with places to skate?

Yeah, there’s so many new parks been built all over, I love Dundee’s outdoor though, so much fun there. But yeah keep ’em coming – definitely doing a good job of the parks.

Who’s ripping in Scotland now, besides yourself. Who do you think deserves more coverage?

Andrew White!, he had a first light in Sidewalk a few months back, hes rad im sure there will be some more coverage of him. Radstorms for life.

Any particular inspirational skaters you can think of, locally?

All my friends that I skated with since I started are my inspiration. Big up to all if them.

If you were to pick a skateboard company who you would love to ride for who would it be?

There’s so many decent companies around just now. I’d be happy with any company that helps a brother out to be honest haha! I am quite a fan of Cliche for some reason and Stereo, Habitat I could go on for ages, Listen skateboards. I’m into all the street cruising dudes.

Top 5’s – more fun than eating angel delight on a swingset. Get in there…

Top 5 Skate videos?

Osiris – Feed the need of course haha
Death – Better than Life. (Thanks to Adam Moss for the video)
All the Transworld videos
Blueprint – WFTW
Listen skateboards – Viajeros Locos


Bt rails (RIP)
Levenbank terrace
St enoch benches
The secret spot


John Rattray
Omar Salazar
Marc Johnson
Chad Timtim
Mike Mo

Places you’ve been?


Places you want to go to?


Tricks you’ll always throw in a game of SKATE?

Switch fs flips
Tre flip reverts
Big flip
Nollie bigspin heel

Obstacles to session at Unit 23?

Flat bar
Driveway hip
The Bowl
Little grind box
Foam pit

Back to the questions, you do computer networking at uni right? What made you get into that?

My dad, hes a network engineer working in Reading at the moment, he even has his own network lab in the loft haha, Yeh computers have always been around me and I enjoy messing around with them, decided to follow on what my Dads doing really,

If skating doesn’t pay the bills, which unfortunately is normally the case, can you see yourself in that sort of job?

Yeh for sure, Going to have to work properly some time and get my skinny arse out of ASDA, if I get to skate and travel on top of been able to work ill be a happy bunny.

Does everyone in ASDA run around touching each others arses like in the adverts?

Haha! Yeah some of the people probably do man that’s why I gotta get away from there, nah its not that bad actually but I hate that in your face uniform you gotta wear….that’s ASDA price n all that.

What’s in store for yourself this year, and the years ahead?

Get this Degree over with, Skate, Travel and have fun.

Any shout outs?

Mum, Dad and Family, Grant Jolly, Jack n Harry Stewart, Wee Jamie Hall, Dell Boy…”i called it”, Paul Callanin, Shaun Markie, James Connolly, David Reasbeck, my Girlfriend Joumana, Osiris Shoes and Aidan, Mel and Matt from Jett26, Andy White and all the Radstorms Crew, All the KG Locals. PaulVX for the footy, Chris Winch, All the skaters ive ever skated with in the past and of course you guys at Crossfire for the interview. Cheers and sorry to whoever i’ve forgot!

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