Adam Dyet Interview

Adam Dyet is large as life itself. In fact he could be documented as one of life’s steamrollers – usually the first in and the first out.

His burly approach to skateboarding has taken him around the planet with various skate teams but this particular trip saw the Bones Wheels Team split into 2 groups throughout Europe this summer with Dyet landing in London for a demo and to collect some street footage..

Zac asks the questions outside Bay Sixty 6 with thanks to Chris Ortiz for photography ..

So then, Mr Dyet’s back in London…

The return of Mr Dyet, in London, here I am!

The last time I saw you, you were taking money out of my hand at the Southbank Jam.

It was such a good time, the whole contest and everything turned out to be really, really good, there were a lot of good kids there, a lot of good skateboarding and the whole spot itself is legendary; I was excited to just go out there and rip it.

How different was the event compared to those sorts of things back at home?

It was so much different because it was much more like a party you know? A bunch of kids just getting together and having one big party, a skate party, rather than just a simple contest with runs and everything, this was just all-out, best tricks everywhere and that’s what I like.

Since then you’ve been travelling quite a bit, I’ve seen you popping up in Thrasher and generally getting about and laying the hammers down. You won $15 grand and the Slaughter at the Opera event as well…

Australia was pretty much the best time ever, I love that place. It was a good come up too; last year I got first place and this year me and Greg switched and he got first while I got second. I’m not going to complain, the whole set up of the contest is just so good, and well, I won $15 grand!

I heard the rail was a beast.

Dude the rail was so fucking big. I couldn’t believe that they were having a contest on this thing, let alone the tricks that people were sticking down it. Sean Malto killed it!

So where else have you been? Did you go through Europe on this Bones tour?

Yeah, these guys went to Spain and France and I ended up meeting them in Paris and from there we hit up Berlin, Holland and now here I am.

Let’s hear THE tour story then…

Oh god man, so many stories! On this tour, Jordan Hoffat just opened a door and walked into Jared Lucas, the team manager from Bones, well, just straight up jerking off! Straight on, side profile, jerk off man! Hand on his penis. Haha, and this is with the European style side shower so this was a full frontal show!


This was in Berlin. Surprisingly the girls were really harsh man, not cool at all!

So, you are not missing Salt Lake City then?

Well there are bits and pieces. Obviously I miss my family. I miss my Mum a lot and try to go and see her whenever I get any spare time but it’s really hard with my schedule. I miss my friends and knowing the whole tale you know? California is just like a blur to me. It’s literally skate, skate, skate. Utah is still my home.

So you are residing in California?

Yeah, I live in Huntington Beach, and it’s good, but you know… it’s California. I know a lot of people say that California is great but myself, it’s ok but I think it’s not so good.

Why’s that?

Well the skate spots are amazing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the skating. But having to drive for hours and only hit two skate spots isn’t all that. Sitting in traffic ain’t fun. Everyone who lives there thinks that they’re number one and it’s just overrated. California is totally overrated.

Is Wahoo’s still there in HB?

Yeah, Wahoo’s Fish Taco is still here.

The best tacos in Cali..

Oh it’s definitely good. I’m starting to know more people and through them trying to make this feel like my home and it is getting better.

But Salt Lake City is always going be your home?

Oh for sure. unless it’s snowing…

So what’s a typical day for you now?

I wake up late, get myself some food and coffee and just skate, skate, skate. If I’m not skating I’ll just chill at my house, maybe ride my bike or cruise around on my scooter, pretty much just hang out. And fishing! I love fishing! Fishing is seriously the best thing in my life. When I grow up I wanna be a pro fisherman.

I was checking out your myspace and saw a few pictures of you with some pretty huge Marlin and Tuna; do you like going out into the ocean and fish for hours?

Yes! Yeah yeah! I love it. Today I was actually supposed to be going shark fishing in Costa Rica.

Have you ever been there before?

No, never been there…

I’ve been and seriously it’s a contender for the best country in the world, you’re not going to want to come home…

I’m leaving right now….

In the Northwest of the country they have some of the best Marlin fishing in the planet, apparently.

Damn dude, I want to do that so fucking bad. That’s why I want to go out there. It’s good to have a break, these guys I’m with are trooping it up for the whole 46 days or something. I’ve been here – what? – 15, maybe 18 days now and I’m just ready to go fishing. I’ve had a lot of fun over here but now it’s just time to hang out.

Let’s talk Darkstar. You have your boards out now; you’ve got a tattoo of your board graphic right?

Yeah, yeah I’ve got an armpit to hip of my first pro graphic. It’s not finished yet, it’s had about 8 hours work on it. It looks really gnarly! With Darkstar, we have a really good crew going on right now. We’re filming a video that will probably be out within a year or so. Everyone is ripping it man, Paul Decenzo, Ryan … Paul Machnau always kills it obviously! Same with Gailea Momolu. We’ve definitely got a solid, diverse team. Mick jumps down so much crazy shit it’s unbelievable. Seriously man, this Darkstar video is going to be some mad shit.

So how much stuff have you put away for that as opposed to other projects?

Everything man. Literally everything I film, everywhere I go, I send it all to Darkstar.

So what’s being on the team like?

We have a totally solid team right now. I mean, we could need one more pro soon. Terrell Robinson is going to turn pro soon, we might get one more am, but I’m totally psyched on the team right now. Everyone gets on really well, and that’s always the best thing about a team – just getting together, that feeling of unity without any bitching or fighting.

If Creature and Darkstar went head to head over the colour green who would win?

Personally I think I would win with Darkstar because green rules our shit, my shit. With Creature, it’s a big battle royale. It’s stupid man, people are saying “oh Dyet, so you’re making a Creature board.” And why, because it’s fucking green? No, not happening. Green is just my colour man.

So you moved from Globe to Dekline?

Yeah, got on Dekline around 5 months ago. With Globe, Greg Lutzka is getting a shoe, David Gonzales is going pro so they didn’t really have enough room for another new pro. I could have waited another couple of years but I wanted to get my career started you know? No diss to Globe at all, but I had to do what I had to do.

So how’s life over there?

It’s going good. We had a little road trip and I hurt my ankle at a demo and had to leave half way through it which was a shame. Team is great though, everyone gets along and we got some crazy variety going. There are some handrail kids, obviously Patrick Melcher has got that innovative approach, Jason Adams doing his unique shit. Matt Ball rips so yeah Dekline is definitely on the come up.

Obviously you’ve got a mixed bag of tricks…

As always it depends on the day. Some days things go really well and you land stuff you’d never imagine doing while some you’d be struggling to do things you do all the time. It’s always up to that moment in time.

What’s the Satan trick?

Blunt to fakie. On anything. No matter what size the quarter pipe is, I’m just going to get wrecked. Everyone can do a blunt to fakie, not me!

Do you watch skate videos to get inspired to learn new things?

I don’t like skate videos! I go skateboarding, but then I don’t want to go home and watch skateboarding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a skateboarder and I love skateboarding with all my heart, but I just don’t watch them. I’m not a skate nerd, I know absolutely no skate trivia what-so-ever, the who-did-what-and-where, I just love going skateboarding. I have my favourite parts, Guy Mariano in Mouse, Arto and Mark in Sorry, Danny Way in DC, anything that’s put a mark on skateboarding, but as for new videos, I don’t try and keep up.

So when you’re kicking back and having a smoke, does music come into this chill time?

Oh for sure, I like music a lot. Admittedly I don’t know much, but I just love to hear music. I’m not much of a band guy or record label guy, just someone who likes to jam out. I don’t know much, but I know what I like. AC/DC, Slayer, Bob Marley, David Bowie, whatever.

So if you had the choice of soundtrack for your video part in the upcoming Darkstar video what would you choose?

I’m trying to get AC/DC. Maybe Problem Child or Shoot To Thrill if no one’s used it. I think Matt Hensley might have though… Actually, I’ll tell you what I might want to use – not sure if you’ve heard of them – The Sword?

Oh, yeah, The Sword rock…

I used them on one of my local Utah video parts and it was so sick. They’re an incredible live band. I saw them not so long back, so fucking awesome.

So is there anything else you want to cover here in this hot car?

Just to say thank you to all my sponsors, especially Bones Wheels for this trip, Crossfire for doing what it does and thank you to skateboarding and having a smoke!