Adam Aulaqi’s Countdown

Please welcome Liverpool’s most lively upcoming skater Adam Aulaqi.

Judging by the footage and photos we’ve seen of his skating, we decided to introduce his skills that have just earnt him a place on the Karma Skateboards team to the first of many Crossfire Countdowns in 2007 clocked in by RLD.

10. Kicking off the chart at number 10, let us know who you are – age, where you’re from, star sign?

Well Bob…wait is your name Bob? Bob seems like a fitting name for a Crossfire Countdown interviewer! Well Bob I represent for da scouse-side, that’s Liverpool fool an’ I’ll jack that fish pie off ya Nan. At 19 most women want me and most men want to be me…I live my life guided by the weekly star sign column (Sagittarius) in ‘Closer’, I find this helps in my quest for perfection.

9. Feeling fine at number 9, we want to know how you’d describe your skating in a lonely hearts advert?

My skating is much like a piece of promiscuous white American jailbait…fast with a loose under-carriage.

8. Number 8 is all about what your plate – What’s the recipe for a good session?

Right Bob, picture this, all the safe people you’ve ever skated with, some bad-boy spot somewhere, wallrides, fakie heelflips, and a whole host of dead celebrities dug up just to chill with…Ol Dirty Bastard, Desmond Dekker, The Lilt Ladies (might not be dead but never hear from them anymore) and Scarface.

7. Up from 11 and in at number 7, tell us who your influences are on and off board?

Onboard, all the Milton Keynes home-dogs, represent, represent!!! The whole northern massive holdin it down rain or errrr rain! Special big up to Mackey and the Lost Art crew, tink ya can take a slam bwoy come see how we do!!! Literally like a million different skaters from all over the world inspire and influence me, safe as fuck, I’m only here doing my thing because others went before me. As for off board you know who you are, I tell you all on a daily basis and if I don’t, you don’t deserve it…

6. In the same line as 7, number 6 asks what you’d be doing if you didn’t skate?

Smoking crack, eating fish-finger sandwiches and beating up people like me

5. Number 5 is where things get live, so what do you think of demos and comps?

Watching comps and demos never got me that hyped let alone skating in them myself. It’s all about everyone skating together, just buzzing off the atmosphere of a hectic street session going the fuck off!

4. Knocking on your door is number 4, so who do you hang out with on the regular?

Well Bob I don’t mean to name drop, but in all honesty I am exceedingly tight friends with some of the biggest movers and shakers on the Liverpool moving and shaking scene. The Beatles, Atomic Kitten, Matty Pritchard, Craig (Liverpool’s no. 1 Big Brother winner), and that scouse bint from Spice Girls!

3. Last week’s number 1 down two places to number 3, who is your favorite UK skater?

I’d like to phone a friend Chris! I mean Bob! Hey; this isn’t ‘who wants to be a millionaire’. Little joke there for you down at the office. Ummm. Anyway I’m going to give you a wee selection: Colin K, John Rattray, Big Ash (reckon you’re good at skate?) Benny Fairfax, The Mack (Big Dave) Dog, myself, Penny, Winny, Chewy, and my mate Fishy (skates like the cast of Football Factory).

2. New in at number 2, where is the best place to chill after a skate?

Kimos! Before, during, and after skating, seriously, I ate 6 chicken kebabs in 3 days from this place. Rumors will argue Quick Chef is just as good (Lies! They have pigeons in the air vent). Big up the Kimo’s massive! Fuck I’m hungry!

1. Which means that our number 1 question for you is – What has skateboarding taught you?

I’m going to answer this one with a question Bob. Did you know that the chicken in Liverpool isn’t chicken? I don’t know what it is but its odd…

And finally, here’s your chance for shout outs and thank you’s:

I’m a student! Safe as fuck to everyone at Sidewalk! Cheers to Selly and the whole M.K crew (Nobes, Doe or Die, J-murder, Tanner, Potter, Frenchy AKA Foot-finger, Smeeton, Nozza, ahhh mate too many to mention but you know who you are), Malcolm and Matt Clarke for doing all the filming and photos, keep up the good work boys! Yes blud, everyone holding it down up north. That’s Mackey, Chris and all the Lost Art bums, as well as all the guys who I skate with, wallrides and cold weather for life!!!

Massive thank you to Adam and Jane at Karma who have sorted me out a treat with plenty of fresh wood. Much love to all my family and friends back home, cheers for supporting my shit the whole way! Big up to Nelson Mandela, the GZA, Aggie D’s Turkish shop in Walthamstow, the attractive French girl I live with as all the Heritage Court Crew and Smithdown Lane Connection. Best wishes and mad love goes out to J and Hazel in MK who are about to have a baby, brap, brap! Finally nice one to everyone I’ve forgotten…

To watch footage of Adam click here.