Oban Ramp Jam

Well the Oban ramp jam went nuts as predicted.

It was just like the x-games but gold medalist Div decided to trade his million dollar prize money for the 24 pack of Tennants!

From here on in we all new it was going to be an alchohol fuelled weekender!

The Heathen boys were out in full force with Young Colin pulling out his big guns all over the place, along with big Mark tearing the amazing mini a new a-hole.

After the fun and frollicks by the ramp the whole crew upsticks and head even further north towards a wonderful mystical island known as the Isle of Seil. Considering the single track road and shear remoteness of this wee island the turn out was a hefty few hundred.

All were there to witness and drink in accordance to the soon to be famous band called UNCLE JOHN AND WHITELOCK. The gig as expected went absolutley ballistic, im sure the Isle of Seil has never before witnessed Div and Napalm Jeff slam dancing there way through the star’y night.

Hopefully this is going to be a yearly event which will involve mandatory attendance.

Big thanks for drunken debauchery pics from Alex Irvine who will have his Triple Shot interview on this very site soon.