New Wave of Surrey Concrete

Feature by Gorm
Sequence: Chris Lanaway

Buses, they are like concrete skateparks especially if you live south of the the M25 in and around he green and leafy county of Surrey. Those lucky folk have got 2 new parks either just dropped or in construction, after years of jack shit on the concrete front.

Holmeswood (Near Dorking – the place not the attitude):
Recently Dorking locals have got a brand spanking new park from Gravity. The park consists of a Milton Keynes style step up block, a long steep bank, a hip, jersey barier, and one of the weirdest bowl configurations I have seen. The bowl is only bowled on 2 sides, with the other two sides leading to a mellow bank with a Wembley gap and ledge leading out. The Third side goes in to a very steep bank so you can’t get speed.

Still must not grumble eh? (Yes you can. Z-Ed).

The park is well constructed and seems to be in a pleasant area, if only a few things had been tweaked at design stage, it would be perfect.

The Park is here


Since the destruction of the wooden park near the leisure center, Crawley locals have been with out a park – now figures crossed they are on the verge of getting some ‘crete.

Designed by Freestyle, but being built by Blakedown (so fingers crossed for kink free ride). The Council are claiming it will be completed by the school holidays, but that is a little Claims Direct!

The park will consist of a bowl complex with capsule and hips/spine. A large Street area, and a smaller street area.
The park is situated here (in park next to train line and Southgate Ave): click

It is within 2 mins wood push of Crawley Station.

All Photos by the one the only