KR3W in Paris – a Horsey’s Tale

So yeah, here are my photos from a KR3W trip to Paris I just got back from. It was a 2 week trip for all the main guy’s at kr3w starting in the French capital for the first week then onto the great City of Madrid for the 2nd. I was originally only going for a couple days to Paris but managed to swindle it for the whole week thanks to Manu!

The pro chaps on it were Chad Muska, Lizard King, Jim Greco, Erik Ellington and Furby. Dennis and Shad from kr3w we’re there filming, taking photos and blogging, Seu Trihn was shooting for Transworld Mag and Manuel Palacious (youtube him, he rips) was there keeping everything in fine working order.

Muska blew his leg out on the first day messing about with a Sal Flip which obviously sucked but everyone soldiered through and in between the rain and wind we skated hard and raged every night. Lizard King got MVP for getting the most photos and footage and drinking more than anyone!

One day I saw a guy walking his dog, fall 30 feet to his hip and the dog landed on him, no shit, craziest thing ever! I have a lot of stories but I’m lazy. Enjoy my crappy snaps.I need a new camera – laters


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