Jerome Loughran’s Triple Shot


Jerome’s fifth eye.

It’s not Jerome’s fault…..well actually it mostly is, any problems you’ve had with your girl, it’s him, can’t get the lid off that jam, it’s him, raining ??…..yup you guessed it, it’s all down to the Ginger Irishman, just accept it.

So why does Jerome have one of these articles and why am I writing about the man ??….. Look at the goddamn pictures !! He has an eye (well actually he has two, four if you count glasses) for what works, just this morning I saw it in action, actually let me call this his ‘fifth eye’.

Jerome’s fifth eye starts way before taking a shot, in fact the pictures you are looking at are a complete detail perfect progression of a thought process. The talent to see a finished result in his ‘fifth eye’, is inspiring and the experience to know what to do when reality deviates from this path is steadfast. Although calling him an ‘Art Director’, makes me want to point at him, laugh and call him a fag, it perhaps might be a more apt title than photographer. – Jerome, flat caps off to you and your art work. – Dan Wound

Full name please sir

Jerome Loughran

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been behind the camera for years but I didn’t call myself a photographer until 6 years ago.

How did you get into skate photography?

Well, I had been taking photographs for I got into skating when I started skating they went kind of hand in hand, I remember being told by my tutor to stop wasting my time on skateboard photographs, its all I wanted to do.

Is there an image that inspired you so much to take up photography?

Rick Kosick, Big Brother shot – Any Big Brother was just pure genuis and it made me laugh all day, the amount of effort put into his shots are still not matched today, Rick Kosick for life.

What were the best and worst bits of advice anyone gave you in regards to photography?

No one has ever given me bad advice. I kind of learned it from my dad who’s a free lance newspaper photographer. Good old Leo Sharp and Rich Gilligan gave me some words of wisdom that helped me so much.

Have you ever felt bad about taking a photo? If so, which one?

I’ve never felt bad about taking a photograph. If anyone felt like that there wouldn’t be some of the strongest images in history.

What were the best and worst days shooting skateboarding of your life ever and why?

Worst day would be if ya miss a one shot deal that a skater won’t be making again. The best would be knowing you’re going home with something in the can or when you make that print and its spot on.

What’s the relationship like between a photographer and filmer?

Filmers are ok , some are my best mates are filmers, if any of you out there know Dikey you know if he gets in your way it’s cause he’s on another planet!

What main advice would you give to upcoming skate photographers?

My advice is don’t unless you’re ready to be rejected for years, its total heartache – you think you’ve got a cover shot and you got shit, you keep learning for sure, and also if you don’t skate you don’t deserve to be a skatephotographer, simple.

Please tell us why you have picked your fave skate shot you have submitted?

My favouite skate shot, Cashman for the Halloween article in Sidewalk, my kinda go at a Kosick shot!

Are there ways of getting better/free equipment as you continue to grow or do you have to fund everything yourself?

I’ve paid for it all myself, just work and save and if you can get someone to get you stuff out in the States, well, it’s a little cheaper.

Is the work of a skate photographer well paid? Do you get by in life with this income alone?

Pay is minimal, there’s only like 6 guys or so in the UK making any money and only like 3 of them can call it a full time job, I’m sure if you ask any of the guys out there that their credit cards are all maxed and the bank owns their cameras, but these guys don’t do it for the money, its all about the love of skateboarding if they get paid then their rent is paid!

Does music ever inspire your photography? What music artists can you not leave for a tour without?

Music is how I got into skating, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty were my early influences, I remember watching the Sonic Youth 100% video with Jason Lee skating in it and that was the moment, music is so hand in hand with skating, I still make mix cd’s with the my favourite section tunes, I think Chris Senn’s section tune from Welcome To Hell by Cigar is on 90% of those cd’s.

Please tell us about the non skate shot you have submitted and the story behind it.

My non skate image is the Pritchard vs Dainton shot. It was meant to be the video cover but it got fucked with by a graphic designer who just used the arms. It did run as a advert though, still I get props over this shot and it’s my favourite.

If you were to buy a pocket snapper for capturing skating on a budget to get going, which camera would you suggest?

Cameras are changing constantly, I can never keep up, I am still a lover of film so I am biased, so probably a Yashica t4 or anything by Canon, I got Canon pride, it’s kind of like Venture vs Indy pride you know.

Would you recommend digital or film?

I don’t need to say do I?

What are the benefits of using film or digital?

Digi is much cheaper in the long run, say for sequences etc, but I think that colour film beats digi hands down.

What kit do you use?

35mm Canon gear fisheye lenses and good set lenses, Bronica 120 medium format almost everything rad for portraits nothing sexier that square format, loads of flashes Sunpaks my choice for now, and a good light meter, and knowledge of my f stops.

Look out for Jerome at a spot near you….he is always lurking with intent…