Girls Skate Jam 2009

Words and photos by Jenna Selby

The Pioneer Skate Park comps of old used to see skaters travelling hundreds of miles from all around the UK and Europe to take part and be part of the 2 day infamous events.

The green park adjacent would play host to the wandering masses with random tents adorning the public space over the course of the weekend. Nothing of that nature has really been seen since the park shut down 9 years ago due to a litigation incident and everything has had to be played pretty much by the book since its reopening 2 years later.

That was until a lone Spaniard by the name of Silvia Serret March appeared on the doorstep of the skate park for the 8th annual Girl Skate Jam offering a tale of a two day public park camping extravaganza – impressing the early morning joggers and dog walkers alike, abduction by a taxi driver after arrival at Luton Airport and loss of the other 5 girls she’d travelled over with – all in the name of making it to the UK Girls Jam – winner already!

The other Barca girls from what we could gather – through broken Spanish and a pocket translator spouting out phrases such as “because us seek life sleeping that day,” – were apparently currently at large somewhere on the streets of the UK. Although we never did fully discover exactly what had happened to them, the other girls thankfully did turn up to the park a few hours later.

The planned kick off time for the jam was 1pm although cars had started rolling up from 10am for those eager to get a skate in. Over the course of the next few hours more than 40 girls from a variety of countries: Czech, Poland, New Zealand (ok she was moving here anyway but it sounds good!!), France, Ireland, Spain and the UK turned up to take part. It was good to see new faces coming through on the UK scene especially with the likes of Romford ramp ripper Charlotte Laxton, Charlotte Thatcher and Chesham Massive representative Chelsea Diaper.

Due to the suspicious look of the weather, the proceedings began with the mini ramp comp. Thankfully the weather held dry and probably the strongest field of riders seen at the comp for some time went head to head…commentary provided Franglais style by Sam Bruce and Claire Alleaume. All the girls performed impressive one minute runs but it was Helen Lovelee with her fronstside disasters, Julia Wilshusen who didn’t come of her board once in her crazily tech run and Northern laydee Danielle Mellor who placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively. Danielle – whose tricks included a backside smith to frontside revert and f/s 360 rock n roll – does though have the slightly unfair training advantage of owning a bowl in her barn back home – as you do!

Huge backside early grab airs saw Charlotte Laxton take 1st in the Under 18’s section, whilst in the Over 18’s, it was Andrea Wilshursen‘s; Julia’s twin – turn to dominate. A solid run of nollie flips, 5-0’s and b/s 50-50’s rightfully awarded her first place. The legend that is Silvia placed second and Fran Stroud who pulled off a clean boardslide down the rail, third.

Finally it was the turn of the sponsored lot. MC Joff had a little difficulty over pronouncing several of the names throughout the day but it was one in particular which stumped him, that of Czech’s Nikita team rider Caroline Dynybil! This though didn’t affect her run in which saw her pull off a clean big spin over the driveway and 50-50, Rogue rider Helena Long legs nailed a pretty sweet kickflip to 50-50, Van’s Sam Bruce in her customary relaxed solid style produced a b/s board down the rail, but hats have to go off to Lucy Adams who again took the title after a solid run of tricks including a b/s 50-50 on the Koston and a fakie flip on the bank.

Comps finished, prizes were dished out and group pics taken – and then it was all over – for a year anyway! Thanks to all the sponsors: Nikita, Les Ettes, Vans, Eastpak, Death, LoveNskate, Pro Tech and Rogue for all their help.

Also big thanks to all the people who gave up there time and really made the day: The Selby Family, Pioneer Skate Park, Joff Talbot, Alex Barton, Carmela Fleury, Rubicon Geoff, Ian Harris, John Glanville, Leigh Burton, James Strutt, Ian McInally, Heidi Blum, Chloe Bennet, Lloyd T Smash, Jake, Leah Smithson, Matt Talbot and Di Headly.


The Girls Skate Jam 2009 results are as follows:

1st – Lucy Adams UK (Etnies, Eastpak)
2nd – Helena Long UK (Vans, Rogue, Royal Trucks)
3rd – Caroline Dynybil CZECH (Nikita)

Over 18
1st – Andrea Wilshusen SPAIN
2nd – Silvia Serret March SPAIN
3rd – Fran Stroud UK

Under 18

1st – Charlotte Laxton UK
2nd – Charlotte Thatcher UK
3rd – Ellie Reed UK

1st – Danielle Mellor UK
2nd – Julia Wilshusen SPAIN
3rd – Helen Lovelee AUSTRALIA