Girl Skate Jam

Following on from the success of Girl Skate Jam UK 04, Pioneer Skate Park played host to GSJ 05, attracting over 25 female skaters from all over the country. A good size crowd was entertained by the girls who had travelled to St Albans to take part.

The day started with a two and a half hour jam for girls of all ages and abilities with riders ranging from 10 year old Faith Trounce to possibly the most well known female skater in the UK, Lucy Adams.

Competitions kicked off at 2.30pm with the Amateur Street section. This was a jam format with girls skating in groups of four and the level of skating was pleasingly high. Third place was taken by 14 year old Kim Lewis who showed great promise with 180 ollie nose grabs and kickflips to fakie on the driveway. Becky Wood impressed the judges, Andy Willis and Phil Proctor, with her run that included a 180 ollie, boardslide down the kinked rail and kickflip to fakie on the flatbank. But she was piped to the post by her friend Kerri Dennis who bagged herself first place with a floaty ollie to fakie on the quarter pipe, 180 ollie over the driveway and smoothly caught kickflip to fakie on the flatbank. Both girls had travelled down from Derbyshire the same day, yet still managed to throw themselves around the park with enthusiasm.

Next up, the comp moved outdoors to the miniramp, where MC Jack Wiggins from the Oxford Wheels Project amused the crowd and skaters – especially Lucy who was all most crying – alike with his unique brand of MC-ing. “In her spare time Faith is a Racing Driver and Demolishes buildings” he announced of the 10 year old “But she also throws the best parties that go on for days if not weeks”. In fact the skaters were so amused they began making requests for topics for him to comment on them. Third placed Lucy Adams “is into cloning, and has cloned herself seven times and today we have the Sunday version which is much better than the Saturday version”. She flowed effortlessly, apart from trying not to fall off due to laughing too much, with front and backside 50-50s, boardslides and lipslides and even attempted tasty looking Indys out of the coping.

Meanwhile Bowl local and Vans grom, Sam Bruce “who is a budgie smuggler and her getaway car is a Ford Mondeo” took 2nd place with a solid run of 50-50s, disasters and also included some quirky tricks such as footplant impossibles and ollie to nose tap.

But it was 12 year old Rebecca Aimee Davies who stole the show, proving once again her undeniable skill on the ramp. She pulled off tricks skaters twice her age would be proud of, “and she still has all her teeth,” including a sick 360 early grab, ally-oop 50-50, handplants and boardslides to name but a few! In short she killed the miniramp and left the crowd in no doubt who deserved first place!

It was then back to the Street course for the sponsored riders street comp. Once again it was jam format with one group of three, followed by a pair. Essex girl and Rogue rider, Sadie Hollins deservedly took third prize with her impressive tech tricks on the banks of nollie flip shuvs, switch flips, nose manuals and k grinds. She also took best trick with a brilliant boardslide shuv out down the kinked rail.

Brum lass, Emma Richardson flawed round the park with a confident run consisting of backside kickflips across the flatbank, ollie over the hip, kickflip over the driveway and boardsliding the rail. But she was beaten into 2nd by an emphatic run by the ever consistent Lucy Adams who impressed and excited both judges and crowd.

Refusing to start her run until the right Queen track was played by the DJ – Don’t Stop Me Now, her run included a perfectly caught fakie flip on the steep bank, back-to-back boardslide and switch boardslide, 50-50 on the top ledge of the Koston Block and finishing with noseslide down the driveway ledge. Not intent on just winning the comp she also decided to have a hand in the DJing whilst the best trick comp was underway. The girls skated to the sounds of Madonna and Van Halen, Lucy would like to make it known that she is available for hire for comps or even weddings.

To sum up, a great day was had by all. The girls stepped up and took their skating to the next level.

With big thanks to all those who supported the jam: Carhartt, Gallaz, Etnies Girl, Rogue Skateboards, Eastpak, Heroin, Crème, Nikita, Greed and Conspiracy Skate Shop. Also a big thanks to Pioneer Skate Park for funding the event and the Selby family for putting up and feeding a lot of drunk and sweaty skaters.

We look forward to next year.

Jen and Jen