Fresh Blood – Pt 6


Fresh Blood is injected into the skate scene every year and the select few make the cut and stick out above the rest.

This week we have picked 3 of the UK’s finest rippers, 3 kids that will grow into men by Xmas and will probably slay Santa at our annual Jam. They are all based in the South of England, they have all attained coverage in the likes of the 3 UK traditional magazines and they all rip when they ride.

Who knows, next week you could be filling these pages, send your footage links to us from the contact link at the bottom of this page..

This weeks Fresh Blood focuses on Ben Raemers, Kevin McKeon and Louis Cooper Robinson….enjoy. – Zac Slack

Ben Raemers – Consolidated

Well, if you have not heard of little Ben Raemers by now then you really ought to get out more on your plank. We first met Ben through riding with Mark Munson and his Essex crew. The most vivid memory of meeting him for the first time was the fact that he was so small and could ride out of literally everything – like when you first see Tony Trujillo skate in the flesh.

Over the last few years, Raemers has learnt to attack everything in his sight, ledges, rails, vert, bowls – you name it…and because of those skills he has been rewarded with a hook up on Consolidated Skateboards where his video part should shock the ricta and also rides for Duffs. It will not be long before this lad will be on more covers of skate mags such as his debut on the front of Sidewalk Mag this year. Oh, and he can also skate on ceilings, beat that!

Photo’s: Styley

Full Name: Ben Raemers
Age: 15
Sponsors: Consolidated skateboards, Duffs shoes.
Hometown: Essex!
How long been skating: Approx 6 years.
Favourite tricks: Backside crailslides.
Favourite kind of spots: Concrete.

“Polite, friendly and mild mannered… But when he skates its like Clark Kent changing in to Superman. Albeit fueled by a savage torrent of verbal abuse bellowed at him by skate buddies Munson and Carl Wilson. Ben spins Mctwists, Units, and pretty much anything else (street or transition) that is shouted at him with the ease and style of a seasoned pro. Incredible natural skating ability could not have been bestowed on a nicer fellow.” – Nick Zorlac

Kevin McKeon – Karma

When this kid started skating in a Celtic shirt and Nike sweatpants he was instantly named The Plasterer down at the bowls at Meanwhile Gardens. After a couple of summers of sessioning with the locals down there though and sussing out what decent skateboard equiptment was all about, McKeon started to learn his trade faster than most and was always eager to be involved in the session as opposed to be a voyeur.

These days, Kevin can be found skating anywhere that the internet takes him as he is keen to travel and see the UK and more for himself. This lad is also not afraid to take a slam. When it happens, a thud can usually be heard even in the midst of a battle in Kandahar….be warned!

Photo’s: Gorm

Am’ Full Name: Kevin McKeon
Age: 17
Sponsors: Vans Shoes, Karma Skateboards, Crossfire Clothing Death Urethane, Halfpipe Skateshop.
Hometown: London
How long been skating: 4 to 5 years
Favourite tricks: frontside grinds, backside nosegrabs
Favourite kind of spots: big concrete parks

“I haven’t known Kev long but I know already that he is a bit of a nutter and loves hurting himself. I recently went on a short weekend filming trip with him and saw him take some of the hardest slams and then simply get up rub off his alien sized elbow and carry on as if nothing has happened-impressive stuff.

Its always a good sign when someone so young and new to skateboarding [in my old eyes] rides boards over 8 inches-something more people should do, but when you see the stuff Kev does its no wonder he rides bigger ones-I certainly wouldn’t want to do that stuff on a match stick! Look out for Kev hurting himself at a concrete park near you soon.” – Toby Batchelor (Karma TM)

If you want more – Kev’s Crossfire Countdown is here here.

Louis Cooper Robinson – Girl (flow)

Ph. Horsely

The Level in Brighton has history like no other part of the UK. Back in the 90’s you would sigh when you got in the car to go skate the infamous vert ramp or concrete jungle they had there mainly because of the largeness of the locals. But as you get older you give as good as you get and the new blood at the level are much more open to a sesh than their predecessors. Welcome Louis Cooper Robinson to Crossfire, mainly known as Louis Cooper, whose skills have hooked him up with DVS this year and also featured on Cheese on Tape. Many Brighton locals talk of his bright skateboarding future, let the light shine here.

Ph. Kevin Eason

Am’ Full Name: Louis Cooper Robinson
Age: 18
Sponsors: DVS shoes, Girl skateboards (flow), Royal trucks (flow), Gumball 3000.
Hometown: Brighton
How long been skating: 5 and a half years
Favourite tricks: 360 flips and hard flips
Favourite kind of spots: Banks and Blocks

“Firstly, Louis is a polite and genuine individual who has a positive outlook on life, all of which are important if you want to progress in this thing called life. It just so happens that Louis is also a very good skateboarder who skates for the right reasons, also very important. Louis is the latest addition to the skateboard tradition!” – Kevin Eason