Fresh Blood – Jerry Wilson

Croydon’s Drawing Boards fascinate us here at Crossfire.

The reality of a skateboard company giving it their all from where we all grew up back in the 80’s at the Norwich Union banks and Fairfields was farfetched but now, this generation have it on their doorstep and it’s growing week by week.

It’s not the only reason that this zine gives Drawing Boards support though as heritage alone doesn’t warrant the links, the write up’s, the interviews and the time put in to rep skater owned and paid for operations with little distribution. This skateboard company is run from the heart, on pride and passion and most of all by the skill of the riders who rep it the most.

This week’s Fresh Blood feature welcomes the ever growing steez of one of those riders who lives for the session, Jerry Wilson. Look out for him on your travels.


Full Name: Jeremy John Wilson
Age: 19
Sponsors: Drawing Boards, Coping Threads.
Hometown: Down Croydon way.
Skating since: I was a wee nipper.
Favourite tricks: Tre flips, nose bonks and general quirkyness.
Favourite spots/terrain: Fairfield in its hay day.
Inspired by: Skateboarding itself mate.
Hates: Teenage mums.
Loves: My mum.
Can’t live without.. My black hat.
Skate video: A Happy Medium.
Fave sesh: Fairfield with the boyards.
Music to die to: Whatever’s on I guess.
Ultimate aim in life: To be enlightened with my skateboard beneath me.


Young Jerry Wilson is constantly progressing. We skate together a lot, the kid will just be cruising about doing his signature quirky moves and then bang outta nowhere he will start producing tricks I’ve never seen him do before. Either he’s got a secret training basement somewhere or he’s incredibly gifted. I’m going for the latter. Sometimes when we go out filming I will literally tell him to do something and he’s always like ” Aw … urm I’ll try , but probably won’t do it”. Next thing I know BLAM he’s done it with effortless style while I’m fumbling to get the fisheye out my bag.

When Jerry was little bug eyed nipper sponsorship and all that crap was the last thing on his mind, he was just out skating everyday with his band of miniature men come rain or shine. I’m well hyped to have Jerry repping Drawing Boards. He has all the good qualities needed to shine .. He’s talented, humble and got an unmistakable sick style to boot. But I’d rather not tell him to be honest.

I’ve sent you a tiny little taste of what the youth can do, so click the image above for the footy. We are saving the other stuff for his video part so watch this space. Enjoy…