Fresh Blood – Casper Brooker

Heroin Skateboards announced last week that Chris Pulman had hung up his trucks for the company for the very last time and was stepping down from his professional duties as a skateboarder. The evolution of professional skateboarding is key to its existance and each year the older generation leave legacies worldwide for the new breed to pick up on and fill their volcanized shoes.

This month Heroin Skateboards welcome Casper Brooker from Surrey who at 15 has enough in the bag to sink a ship. Casper is the first of a series of Fresh Blood features to run here throughout 2009 focusing on the introduction of this year’s ams to lookout for..


Full Name: Casper David Brooker

Age: 15

Sponsors: Heroin Skateboards

Hometown: Purley, it’s near Croydon

Skating since: I was 9 so like 6 years

Favourite tricks: Frontside flip, Hardflip, nosegrinds, melons out of tranny, 360 pop shuvs, late shuv, back bigspin flip.

Favourite terrain: stairs, handrails, transition, ledge and stupid stuff

Inspired by: Andrew Reynolds, Figgy, Ellington, Heath Kirchart and the Heroin team.

Hates: Chavs, skatestoppers and school is pretty bone.

Loves: Skateboarding, sweets, Stockwell, Southbank, grape soda you know, the usual stuff.

Can’t live without: Skateboarding, sweets, ipod.

Skate video: Mind Field, Baker 3, Baker has a Deathwish, Horizons, Magic Sticky Hand.

Fave sesh: Always fun sessioning Stockwell and various other places with Fos and Paddy and I always love skating Southbank and other places with my mates Matt, Samtamont, Kerri Jamie , Brooks, Jackalous, Jin, Yap, Alec, Harry, Josh Parrett, Matt Plymouth and Mikey Cheah.

Music to die to: Any Morrissey or The Smiths.

Ultimate aim in life: Skateboard till I’m dead…


I’m always hesitant when it comes to sponsoring kids. Firstly they look out of proportion to me most of the time, with either massive heads, or massive feet, so that always puts me off.

Secondly they get sponsored and it can go to their heads, they suddenly think they’re the shit and start acting like right little pricks. Neither of these apply to Capser, he’s just a little dude with rad style who shreds, and who has a totally positive attitude. He’s the first to start skating at a spot and the last to finish, a little ball of energy, I don’t know if this is cos of his age or because he’s hopped up on Haribo and Lucozade. Casper isn’t a kid, he’s one of our crew…