Fresh Blood: Ali Drummond

Photos courtesy of Ben Hay.
Footage courtesy of Richard Pullinger.

The Harmony have been plugging away in the UK skate scene for a few years and making some amazing inroads too. Their recent DVD River’s Edge is a 13 minute butter bomb aimed at making you stand up and take notice of the new breed of British skateboarder and beyond. You can read a review of that with a swift click here.

As they expand they seem to attract a new wave of ripper and over the next few weeks we will introduce you to 2 of the latest ams to be on the up on the team. The other rider we have picked will remain nameless for now as this Fresh Blood feature focuses on a skater who is making a name for himself down here in the South. Today, we welcome Ali Drummond..


Name: Ali Drummond

Age: 20

Sponsors: South, The Harmony, etnies, Analog.

Hometown: Tunbridge Wells.

Skating since: I picked up a board.

Tricks: Good ones.

Favourite spots/terrain: The streets.

Inspired by: Pappalardo + Cardiel + Aung San Suu Kyi.

Hates: Haters.

Loves: Skateboarding.

Can’t live without: Luke Harris.

Skate video: Closure.

Fave sesh: Euro trips with the TW crew are always the best.

Music to die to: Something epic, Gybe?

Ultimate aim in life: To keep traveling to new places and have sick times.

Pas on Ali

Ali is straight up rad, the drum-face killer, obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t be getting one of these Fresh Blood features! So what’s there to say that you can’t already guess?!

Well, Ali recently moved to London to pursue a career in TV Presenting, owns a pet Chihuahua named Teresa, dresses in leather at the weekends and dyes his hair matte black every 4th of the month.

Nah, not really! All you need to know is in the short time I’ve got to know him he’s got annoyingly good and keeps getting better! Each time I see new footage he’s seemed to learnt a new trick (When the hell did he learn flip crooks?!) or taken it down something bigger and gnarlier, or smaller and tighter! I think coming from a town such as (Royal!) Tunbridge Wells has given him a unique appreciation of what is truly skateble, in other words, everything and anything! The sketchier the better. Anyway, he’s super friendly, well travelled, a funny bastard, down for life and a 100% skate rat. He’s just getting started as well. Look out for him, the Bummond is coming! (BTW, don’t call him Bummond!)