Fresh Blood – Pt 1

By Ralph Lloyd-Davis & Zac

Only a decade ago Skateboarding’s hierarchy was clearly defined: Unsponsored, Factory Sponsored (sponsorship through shops, and distributors, NOT directly through the company Ed.), Amateur and Professional.

However, one medium changed all of this when it leaped to the top of the pole as a masthead for future generations to visualise the currents standard, and maybe set the trends themselves. This medium was video.

By gradually flooding the market, and various companies accentuating the importance of Sponsor-me tapes, Nobodies became Somebodies overnight as footage exchanged hands like foreign currency. Everyone had their worth, but some were more valuable than others.

Crossfire dug deep into the industry and extracted a few faces that are definitely going to set the standards for the future of skateboarding. We like to call this new school the Crossfire Fresh blood of 2007.

To kickstart this new feature, we have picked three skaters that head the group as the ‘Super-Ams’ take over: Lamare Hemmings, Charles Collet and Chris Ault.

Lamare Hemmings – Zoo York

Lamare Hemmings moved onto the scene like a smooth operator fully backed by East Coast Royalty, the Zoo York Family. Even though Lamare was a little kid, you knew he was going to grow into bigger and better things. The little kid has grown into a young man with style reminiscent of the premier child prodigy, Lavar McBride.

Portrait ph. Sean Cronan

Am’ Full Name: Lamare Hemmings

Age: 18

Sponsors: Zoo York, DVS Shoes, Active Mailorder, Filmore Wheels, Diamond Supply

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

How long skating: 7 Years

Favourite tricks: Tre flips

Favourite kind of spots: Ledges

“Lamare is a smooth operator, a Jamaican citizen by birth he currently resides in North Hollywood, California USA.

He has the style of some of your favourite mid-90’s pros with all the skills needed in this day and age, a breath of fresh air.

He is now fully grown and has no problem throwing down. Just check his footage in the recent Zoo York Promo Video “Welcome to Zoo York City” or his banging part in “Jereme Roger’s Neighbourhood“.

Hyped to have this guy in the squad and can’t wait to see his full length part in the upcoming Zoo York video”.

– Seamus Deegan, Zoo York Team Manager

Gap to backside 5-0 in Houston, Texas. Ph. Sean Cronan Lemare Footage can be viewed here.

Charles Collet – Cliché

Charles Collet is an animal. This young Frenchman knows no hesitation or boundaries so it was obvious a pioneering crew like Cliché wanted him on their team. As his debut role in ‘Bon Appetit‘ proved, Charles was more than just a flash in the pan – He could and would skate everything and any session produced one or more stylish gems. With several video parts under his belt and a ton of coverage in the media, Charles Collet isn’t halfstepping on his way to the top.

Am’ Full Name: Louis Charles Collet

Age: 21

Sponsors: Cliché , Volcom, Etnies, Spitfire, Indy

Hometown: Grenoble

How long skating: 6 years

Favourite tricks: 360 flip

Favourite kind of spots: For the moment it’s transitions

“You’ve probably seen Charles’ complete and utter annihilation of spots already in various videos and magazines. Or, perhaps you’ve bumped into him at a party as he screams obscenities into your ear and orders another round of drinks. Hopefully my experience with Charles can shed light on why he’s worthy of global praise: Charles and some of the Cliché boys rolled through town (Brussels) and had a look at the infamous Mont des Arts kinked hubbas.

Most people stick to skating the lower half which in itself is a righteous feat. Charles kickflip 50-50’d the beast after two or three tries. (An NBD for those who care). But the lower half wasn’t enough, so Charles decided to step up and attempt to backside 50-50 the entire 40 foot ledge with its multiple kinks, slippery rollerblade wax surface and 20 foot drop over the side. As he hurtled down and across the first half, his skateboard had so much speed that he literally took off the following kink!

Needless to say the feat was pretty unbelievable, and scary to watch. Charles didn’t care. The only thing that stopped him was the incredible toothache he had been suffering over the last few days. That ledge is one dentist trip away from suffering Charles’ wrath.”

Footage of Charles in Bon Appetite is here.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis, OG Hotel de Ville

Kickflip wallride in St.Etienne, France (sequence) ph. Olivier Chassignole

Chris Ault – Heroin

Chris Ault is unique and fast. Very fast. Ready to roll with the best of them, Chris rapidly caught people’s eye with his relentless assault of urban architecture. Heroin made sure they got the youth onto their team and since then Chris has got even better. And faster. With speed and style mixed magically together, a full part from Chris is anticipated for 2007.

Portrait ph.Fos

Am’ Full Name: Christopher John Ault

Age: 18 years young

Sponsors: Heroin skateboards, Independent Trucks (Flow)

Hometown: Gravesend in Kent

How long skating: About 6 years or so, I can’t remember

Favourite tricks: Tucknee’s and those indy stiffy things

Favourite kind of spots: Anything and everything

“Ault is a little bastard, he got really good over the past few years and its annoying to be quite honest. He’s a well spoken kid from Gravesend in Kent (wherever the hell that is), who has to sit on the train for an hour every time he comes to London, actually that may account for the way he skates, being all cooped up like that for an hour and then being unleashed upon a spot. Its skating with this enthusiasm that can make people either like or dislike him, say what you want about him, I don’t think he gives a fuck, he’s too busy having a laugh skateboarding.

I went filming with Ault yesterday. Now when it comes to filming you can have good days and bad days, bad days it either rains, or you get kicked out of all the spots or the skaters don’t make their trick. These days are depressing for both skater and filmer, and you find yourself asking the question “Is it all worth it?”. Of course we don’t have control over the weather or security but filming with Ault usually means it’s going to be a good filming day – Ault takes care of business and more often than not you find yourself at the end of the day smiling as you log the five or six bangers that you got. I’m backing Ault, he’s gonna go far if he keeps up at this pace.”

Fos – Heroin Skateboards

Frontside disaster @ Stockwell ph. G.Rome

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