Death Skateboards – Escape From Boredom Premiere

Death Skateboards
Escape From Boredom Premiere
The Trinity – Harrow
16th November 2005

The Trinity – Harrow
16th November 2005

The only reason I hate Harrow is that I always get lost there. Every time I go to visit the Death lot, I’m always phoning a few times to Aneka Rice me in, next time though I will rent a stretched hearse and do it in style, theme it, it would be worth the money as I’m sure we could get use out of it after the event, even if it was hotwired and smashed into a parked police car or something, as that is the usual outcome of these Trinity visits.

They are usually funny as fuck and this one was no exeption.

This will never be like the corperate, over expensive premieres like the usual boring ones at the Prince Charles Cinema with a few bits of popcorn flying around and some tame abuse. No, that will never happen. Put it this way, the movie started after a full punk rock assault from Brandon’s band and a good few lagers, the sheet was attacked with bottles from the off and by midway, once Zorlac’s part kicked in with Nazi Punks Fuck Off by the Dead Kennedy’s (that screamed through the JBL’s) the place erupted into chaos and a mosh pit spawned the dancefloor and met the bar within seconds knocking people everywhere! Ben Cundall has a full part which rocks, new flow rider India Matt aka Steak has a rocking section, Cates gets tech everywhere and kills it, Zorlac has 1 minute 45 secs of gnarly shit, Munson and Potter star as Oregon concrete slaves and rip the arse out of it, Wag, Horsey, Snoopy and Nicolson have bangers and some fuck off slams in this film, the Aussies put themselves on the map with bowl madness, Richie Jackson hammertime and plenty more. It was quite hard to actually watch the film but who cares anyway when it will be in the shops in a few weeks and probably for a fiver or something so you can see it then.

All I remember is that Cates head gets blown clean off, there’s some shit hot skating all the way through and raw as a badgers ass which is the best way to be, the music is punk as fuck featuring all sorts of classics, some 80’s pop and special appearances by Billy Idol and a few other borrowed clips, plus Death mascot Dibble does not star in it….Yep, sorry Dibble fans but Death Skateboards and The Death Squad are 2 completely different entities, so sorry to disappoint, but I hear he does have a star role in the new Motel 6 DVD that if all goes to plan should be an extra DVD with this release before xmas, so you will definitely be wanting a copy.

The one thing i have to say though is that Death is one of the few companies out there that do their own thing and attract thousands of people’s interests. Over the last year or so they are not being slagged off by the sports wearing skateboarder types, purely due to the fact that they make an effort to have fun. Finally this company is being respected for just doing their own thing and this video stamps it authority on those words but without having to say a thing. The closest statement you will get is from Zorlac’s part in the film where flashed text appears and leaves a message clarifying the commitment to the cause but also so you know that they don’t give a monkeys about the haters…but it seems those days are long gone. Give Death a chance before it takes a chance on you..

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