Death do Cyprus

Last week, Death Skateboards flew out to Cyprus to log some footage for the next Death vid, plus photos for a Sidewalk Mag feature that will drop sometime in the future.

On this trip were team riders Dan Cates, Mark Nicolson, Adam Moss, Moggins and Boots with Chris Johnson snapping for SW.

If you had no idea that Cyprus was skateable then Dan Cates will bring the knowledge – ‘Limassol basically has enough epic spots to keep any regular skate crew occupied for a fortnight, if you know where to look. The attitude to skateboarding there is a pretty decent one. For example our tour guide who the team had never met before, put off the new job he was supposed to be starting for 8 days while he took them round the skate spots night and day and even bought all of the team hotdogs on the last night! (Thanks David you are a star!) Cyprus is a great destination for a skate mission, i’m glad that we were one of the first teams to go there on a trip like this!‘.

This blog feature comes with photo’s from the team and words direct from Chris.

Flight out:

After a very early start for some of us, a few delayed train connections and more than questionable breakfast choices, we finally arrived at Gatwick just in time for check in. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, final call for light CYP82 to Larnaca, will Mr Moggins, Boots, Cates, Moss and Nicolson please proceed to the departure lounge immediately’.

Dan ‘Fish Man’ Cates:

As the unofficial Team Manager for the younger members of the Death Squad, Dan took on full responsibility for planning the trip, rounding up the riders, arranging media coverage, booking the flights (and covering the initial costs), booking transport and accommodation.

It must be an age thing, but the stress of all the responsibility had taken its toll much earlier than usual. This image later saw Dan become renamed as ‘Fish Man‘ due to his eye’s uncanny resemblance to that of a dead Kipper’s.

Moss off season:

With a global economic meltdown in full affect, we took advantage of the even lower than usual off season flight and almost unbelievable lowered hotel prices allowing us to opt for a little more than the usual 6 man room of doom.

On our second day, Moss woke up unusually early with the urge to test out all the hotel’s amenities including the pool. Unfortunately, he soon found out that off season prices meant off season pool heating!!

Death Boards in Cyprus:

Early in the week we ventured around town to try and find a shop to stock up on the local skate knowledge and to try and get some idea of where the spots were. As we were waiting round for what would later become our tour guide, the crew found a few Death boards amongst the mountains of Element, Shorty’s and Blind stuff. Dainton’s world domination of reckless youths continues!

Tour relaxer:

After a pretty hectic first couple of days traveling around trying to find spots and organize the crew, Dan found homely comforts in a nice relaxing Cigar and cup of black tea.

Whilst in the other room a cheap lager fueled night of mayhem was beginning to unfold, Dan continued with his book about Starlin’s leadership skills taking a few notes to help him get through the week.

Crew Boards:

A good warm up and meeting spot for the day was a small free standing curb lining the edge of a slope down at the sea front. We would head down there before driving out to various spots, using it as a perfect opportunity to get our increasingly damaged limbs moving. The spot was also a good place to brave the freezing sea and check out all the local sights and sounds on the gravely beach whilst eating your breakfast. Check out the RAD seascape lined with a host of huge Oil and Haulage tankers grounded by the economic slump!

“Does the Red light mean it’s on”?

As well as being generally responsible for all the riders and knocking out some of the best tricks on the trip, Dan also assumed the role of second angle guy to most of the bangers filmed by Mark. Is there anything this man won’t put his hand to?

Media check:

As the sun was setting mid-week, we had visited some of the most insane and unexpected terrain. Everyone had filmed and shot more than their weeks quota by this point and showed no signs of letting up. Nicolson shows Boots and the crew one of the tour highlights which acted as an ignition switch for those who ventured out for the night session.

Gutter Twins:

Later that night (or any one of the nights) Mark and myself found ourselves wrestling around in a piss ridden gutter trying to get the best angles and at the same time not fuck up each others shots. This particular evening saw us both narrowly avoid boards to the face and lens, at the same time acquiring more and more coverage as we narrowly avoided being another road traffic statistic on the local Police spread sheet!

3 Square meals a Day:

Like most, Dan believes that the key to a happy and healthy body is a healthy diet. That being said, when you’re eating from a bakery (with a limited range of food types on offer) 3 times a day, you soon become run down by repetition. The lack of choice on the high street saw Mark and Moggins testing out the Hotels self catering facilities whilst the rest of us went in search of some form of nutrition via one of the many Kebab houses in the area.

“Hello Reception?”

On returning to the Hotel one night, Dan found that Moggins was trying to relive the crippling pain in his thighs caused by a disregard for himself on a big 3 set earlier that day by taking continuous baths. I’m not too sure what Dan was more horrified by, Moggins’ constant public displays of nudity or the fact that like any car crash, he couldn’t help but keep watching!

Worn Out

After 7 of the best days of constant driving, skating, filming/shooting photos, eating and drinking pretty questionable local produce and our last night spent out on the town with the local skaters, spirits were running pretty low on our final afternoon. Most were unable hobble let alone skate so we headed up into the mountains to check out all the sights and sounds that any ‘Normal’ tourist would. As well as housing some of the best skateable terrain and attitudes that I’ve ever come across, on the whole, Cyprus is a pretty RAD looking place!

Look out for a Dan Cates interview on this site this week.