Bay Sixty 6 10th Anniversary Comp

The paint was still drying on the ramps when the doors opened at 12pm to celebrate Baysixty6 10 year anniversary and relaunch of the newly completed street course.

There was a great turn out to see Ronnie Creager and the European Blind team as well as a host of other UK and European skaters. For the first couple of hours the street course was absolutely crammed with skaters young and old(ish) experiencing the spanking new street course for the very first time. Then it was time for the first of 3 comps that afternoon with the under 13’s, followed by the over 13’s and then the sponsored skaters, see the results below.

There were bands playing in the adjacent bay too, Undercut, Dead Kids, who’s singer tore down the stage rigging mid set then ran away like a girl, and White Rose Movement, some of you may have recognised the drummer Ed, who used to work in the proshop at the park a few years ago. There were the usual freebies and giveaways from all the brands that supported the event, deep breath, Xbox 360, Element, Globe, Independent, Relentless, Santa Cruz, DVS, Eastpack, Vans, Osiris, Circa, Heroin, Extreme TV, Document, Sidewalk, Death, Plan B, Duffs, UKSA, Crème, Crossfire, Icon, Ortega, Karma, Heathen, 50:50, Innes, Unabomber, Vox, Landscape, & Olympus cameras.

Thanks to everyone who supported the event on the day, sponsors and skaters alike, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to seeing you all again throughout the summer. And by the way ,the builds not finished yet, as well as tweaking and fine tuning the street course we have big plans for the mini, midi and vert section of the park too, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Written by Rory

Watch the video courtesy of Bay Sixty 6, XBOX and Alan Christensen for this event on the top right hand of this page where they usually are…

Sponsored Comp Results

1st Reuben Rodriquez
2nd Chris Vile
3rd Amir Williams
4th Ivan Rodriquez
5th Darrell Dominguez

Under 13yrs results

1st Kyron Davis
2nd Kieron Androli
3rd Michael Patrick
4th Luke Williamson
5th Michael Patrick

Over 13yrs results

1st Dave Wallace
2nd Joe Vass
3rd Henry Camming
4th Ant Barber
5th Jack Hudson