Bolton Allnighter

Sat 28th January 2005

After arriving at around 9:00pm, to a minus 2 degree warehouse so I could pay to stay up all night and fall over, I saw a surprising turnout: It wasn’t that packed! Not a bad thing I hear you cry, more room to skate and makes it easier to see Rogie tearing the place apart. Speaking of which, he won the (extremely badly organised!) Game of Skate, no idea what he’s going to do with a Creme deck mind.

The night was filled with games and such, the favourite of mine being the long jump competition featuring the Leopard-skin queen herself, Rob Smith, (check pic) dressed, as the latter insult suggests, – a Leopard. After the fairly long starting distance was jumped by most, including Bones co-mogul Timmynastics, the stakes were raised so high is was just Rogie and Cat-boy left in the running, and ended with Rogie jumping a distance almost as long as the large pyramid, board to board, which I can tell you, is a feat and a half. 2-0 to Rogie. As time slipped into the wee hours of the morning, the morale was high even though the temperature was at an all time low (-6), and everyone was still skating.

Also around this time was the (late!) premiere of the rather splendid Satori vid, the review of which can be found here on this very site here. Because of the amount of knackered people sleeping/getting stoned, the product toss was pretty funny. 10 or so kids in the bowl scrambling over a board, two of which got chinned but in the end, a big bastard was victorious from holding strong and true onto his wood. Ahem. Told you it was late.

At around 3:00am, we received a short visit from the police, nothing too serious, we just thought there were noise complaints and skated on.

Then, quite a few of the more awake folk realised about the aforementioned potheads in the back, fully kitted out with a hash pipe, and that the Pulleece were heading there. *cue gulping*.

The 15 minute or so suspense ended when the Piglets..I mean, Coppers headed out the door without saying a word. Good stuff. Overall, a great allnighter, great skating and pretty much a great night. Next time I’m wrapping up warmer, mind.

Props to Crutch for being the generous hosts they are and giving out nuff proddy, and props to Ian and Tim for getting the thing organised, and props to everyone who went, all left with a tired smile on their face, even if it was a weed-induced smile.

PS: A handrail comp at 4:30 am where backlips and crooks go down is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Mad props, kid!