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Z-Movie – Antiz Skateboards

Antiz has come a long way since their debut video, Antizipated, released back in 2003.

They are still only a blip on the industry radar but they thump to the pulse of the underground. Already with the title, Z-Movie, their second offering mocks the cinematic cognoscenti who hail big productions as big bucks. With a shoe string budget and plenty of imagination, Paul Labadie, the Antiz lens boy and part-time editing vampire, and the boys have created a small masterpiece that gives the finger to all those who think a company video rhymes with hi-definition visuals and club class tickets to all the best spots.

Inspired by their favourite movies, each rider’s section is introduced by parodies of famous scenes be it The Big Lebowski, Taxi Driver, Clockwork Orange or others. An important point that has to be made is that Antiz aren’t stupid and they know that grubby kids are going to pirate their hard work quicker than Dennis Busenitz bombs hills, so Z-Movie is free! All you need to do to get a copy is send a stamp addressed envelope to the office, or support them properly by purchasing one of their latest boards that come mounted with a copy. Failing that you can watch it through a cheese grater via various video hosting websites.

Z-Movie is a good chance to find out who the new faces are on the team. One of the latest additions to the team is young Sam Partaix from France, and he opens the show to the funkiest of renditions of Marvin Gaye’s famous Grapevine melody. Sam’s got style and the aptitude to diversify his skating. You will see more of this young fellow very soon.

The next part is shared between Antiz’ first amateur Ben Thé, and Swedish genius Love Enroth. This part is short and sweet, but Love fans might be disappointed at the lack of their loved one’s footage. There is a good reason for this: Love suffered some bad back problems for almost a year which prevented him from dropping any major hammers. Oh, and Love has bid farewell from the Antiz manor to start up his own operation back home. Good luck dude!

Introduced by a favourite scene from Reservoir Dogs, Julien ‘Juju’ Bachelier maims his rollerblading victim to the jolly tune of Little Green Bag. Juju is all about good times and perseverance – two qualities that any self-respecting European pro needs in these tough times. Take note of the number of different spots Juju shreds on his sled and you’ll understand why this guy loves to travel so much. I spotted Dubai, the Canary Islands, San Francisco and more. The ladies man breaks many a spot’s heart.

Antiz wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for the support of their friends, so a two-song section is dedicated to all those who have shared a beer, a bit of wax or a stretch of floor space with the crew. I know that some people will complain that this friends section runsa little long, but take a look at some of the faces whizzing across your screen; there are cameos from Ali Boulala to Javier Mendzibal. Look out for the last guy, Michel ‘Musl’ Mahringer – he’s Antiz’ ‘flow’ rider. Last trick – Oof!

The next section defies the rules of video production by mixing some heavy rail annihilation to the grimy bass lines of an urban dub track. I’m sure a few of you will brush off Tom Derich‘s section for not being brown corduroy and rail-heavy, but then you notice that 75% of his section is switch. Ahh! Now you’re impressed!

Julian Dykmans might want to quit his day job for acting, but I think he should stick to the skating for the time being because he boasts a distinct mastery of the no-comply and 360 flip. Watch this section to enjoy a picture perfect no-comply noseblunt.

A name on a lot of people’s lips is Julien Forones and there’s a good reason for it: This section. Julien charges with his catlike agility at some of the most gnarly and unthinkable banks, rails, gaps etc. His opening slam could have shaken a majority of adrenalin junkies alone. Furones might be another of Spain’s best kept secrets, but Antiz just turned him pro so all that will change soon enough.

Apparently, after clocking in so much footage for the friends section, Antiz decided it would be wiser to give the Yama Skateboard gang their own section. Thus pursues 3 minutes of unrelentless annihilation of all sorts of spots. The Yama guys run along the same tracks as the Antiz team which means balls to the wall moves, and good times all around. Now you know.

Hugo Liard is heavy metal. The long hair, the tattoos, the tight jeans and the thirst for blood all characterise Hugo’s approach to skateboarding. That said, it is also a well known fact that many an Axe player can produce some of the sweetest riffs and complicated chords, and Hugo’s skating is no different. Pigeon-holed as a rail skater – which he kills of course – there are many more tricks to Hugo’s game.

The last part to Z-Movie has logged up a lot of illegal downloads and forum banter. There was even talk of big name pros calling Steve Forstner to praise what he has accomplished in this final section. Already the Big Lebowski homage as an opener has you stoked, but then the onslaught begins and you just sit there fuelling on the fire that this young Austrian man produces. There are a few tricks in this section that stretch the borders of safety, and sometimes the look on Steve’s face says it all. But essentially, Steve is just tearing up spot after spot with his trademark nonchalant style.

The overall effect that Z-Movie creates is one of unadultered fun. This video is full of spots you’ve never seen, and a few that you’ve seen several times already, but the Antiz guys never went out of their way to try and get something better than the next man. Essentially, this video demonstrates how skating with your friends and taking full advantage of world travel can be the best thing imaginable. You can’t help but think that Antiz is trying to point out a problem that persists within today’s industry and media. Conformity and money were never there when we all started rolling about on this here four-wheeled whiz-plank. Think about that.

Skateboarding and good times edited down to some wicked music (I would name the songs and bands but the print was a bit small for my old eyes. Sorry) and clever Hollywood cameos. I wouldn’t normally boast the bonus section of a DVD, but this one is worth it with tours from Italy and Oregon, Belgian bowl shredding, more friends and a host of trailers and promos from the various sponsors that helped make this dream a reality. I’m a fan, and you should be too.

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Ralph L-D