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Who? – A Welsh Scene Video

Whats the point of scene videos? Back in the day, it was the main way kids would get sponsored, we would send them in to RAD and the one good guy in the crew would get props, and maybe a sketchy video grab sequence. Scene videos seemed to die off towards the end of the 90s.

Fast forward 2008, and scenes/crews seem to be popping up all over, its part of skatings fabric, skaters are travelling again – and skaters are more info hungry than ever – hows things in London? are the Scottish guys still gnarly? Whats up with all those parks in the north? But, what about Wales? Who? Who, indeed……..

Scott Magill will show you Who?! 20 year old skater/videographer weighs in with a 40minute dvd set to top up the Welsh scenes right to be talked about, visited and ultimately respected.

The dvd kicks in with a Transworld-esque Cardiff City montage and the skating kicks off with Chris Jones sacking him self over and over on a fakie bigspin boardslide on a handrail, once that is pulled clean and plums are counted, some heavy skating sets the level for the rest of the video, a flip noseslide down a gnarly sea front hubba lets you know this video is for real.

The trick level is kept right up there with Alan Williams adding a tech level (halfcab-nose many-nollie bigspin-fake nose manual) Chris Jones adds some speedy firecracker action and crazy nollie pop. Nice fullpipe montage too leading in to the tiny Caradog Emanuals section – this ripper is one for the very near future, super consistent – we also are treated to a 411 Chaos Style montage showing friends and loc’dogs from around Wales.

Keeping the sections flowing is Jess Young, funky tune and funkier wallrides down steps, chunky road gaps and chunkier 50/50 on a tall 8 stair rail, im assured these spots are way prettier on camera and real grime in real life. Nick Batt kicks in some long lines and the newly hooked up at AWS Rhys Meek scoops up bigspin flips for fun.

Dai Williams stomps lazer flips, down 8! Lush flip front crooks that Mike York would be proud of too. Dylan Hughes had a section I was looking forward too, I wasn’t let down either, he kickflips the dirtiest 11 set and gets 4 down with confidence and ease without worrying about the landing and isn’t shy to nollie flip 11 either. For me the standout was Nicky Howells section, nice Foreign Beggars track and a overly large bag of tricks – Nollie heel flip-bodyvarial-shifties (in the air) down steps and the strangest thing is, even with flip nose many-nollie tre’s this dude doesn’t feel “tech” just proper street steez – think Rob Dydek (without Big Black) and you will be close to his style of nailing tricks. Im still in shock at the last two tricks of his section.

For a fiver (£5) the video is put together at a more than acceptable standard, it’s a very easy watch and the skating far outshines most of the spots – musically it all fits together too, and with an hour of worthwhile extras it’s a pretty good little package – highly recommended, a must for the bonafide street urchin.

Watch trailers below to get hyped go to or to buy a copy of the DVD and support the effort that has gone into this film.

Phil Procter