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Freshly Baked

This is England

Tunbridge Wells Scene Flick

Freshly Baked is the new scene video from Tunbridge and is a smart little representation of this crew and their sporting lives. The strongest buzz this film gives off is the sense of a scene making the most of what’s available to them: schoolyard sessions, covered carparks, bike racks, cobbles, pub beer garden tables- this is the reality of urban architecture in England today.

Interspersed through the flick are snippets of London footage, which is inevitable given that Tunbridge is a satellite town, but thankfully they don’t allow the city to swallow up their scene or their film.

Who’s rocking? Well, according to the Ash Humphrey fanclub at the start of his section it’s him, but Alex Malcolm brings the ruckus too, even if there is a couple of 360 flips more than is strictly necessary in there. The other re-affirming aspect of the video is the knackered shoes and the genuinely gutted expressions when a board breaks- this is a scene which pays through the nose to stay in the game and it shows.

Overall the sense of fun is never far from the surface, and that’s as it should be. As the random at the end says :”The main thing in life is a sense of humour…and I’m going to have another drink…“.

Might just join you there squire! Watch it here.

Freshly Baked from santskatefly on Vimeo.