DVD Reviews

Think – iThink

I think you can pretty much bank on the fact that the I-pod has become a major fashion accessory and skaters were not shy to the trend at all. Well, our friends over at Think put the final nail in the coffin and entitled their latest DVD release ‘I-Think’ in celebration of this oh-so-useful musical appliance. Basically, the DVD takes every aspect of the original I-pod from the on-screen menu display to the brightly coloured advert edits. In fact I’m pretty sure a few of the tunes in ‘I-Think’ can be found on several peoples tracklists… So, that’s all fine and dandy, but what’s the skating like? Afterall, that’s what we all want to know, right? Ok. The kid that starts things off ( I forgot his name, sorry!!!) comes with some interesting lines, but nothing too shocking. Well, that is until about halfway through his part where he turns the heat up and starts dishing out banger after banger. Ummm… Jake Palu has a slightly obscure approach to skating that some of us will find hard to appreciate but there is still some oddball spots worth looking out for. Jake didn’t keep my gaze as long as his other amateur mate, Adam Dyet. Bloody Hell! Adam goes all hellbent for leather when it comes to getting tricks: huge switch backside 180s, bone snapping backsmiths and a pretty smooth nollie frontside noseslide at Clipper. Sweet.

Now, one skate giant that has serious pop and snap is Jake Nunn. I hardly see anything of Jake but when I do it’s always proper, so confronted with a whole part and there’s very little chance of disappointment. Honestly, Jake’s part is the only thing that would make me part with money for this DVD. The other heavy hitter from Think is Danny Fuenzalida from Chile. Danny is a real ‘hit or miss’ type of fellow on his skateboard. I here people complaining about his bland style at the back of the room, but when things come this smooth for you, what do you care? Right..?

There’s also footage from other riders in there, but honestly it comes and goes quite fast so I can’t quite remember any of it. ‘I-Think’ only clocks in at 18 minutes, with no real bonus footage, so keep this in mind. Short and sweet or long and hard (to swallow)? Your call. If you like I-pods and footage from lesser-knowns, you know what to do- Get a copy!