DVD Reviews

Skate Mental – Am Chowder

If you have not set up a Skate Mental deck yet then you have been missing some of the goodness that is on offer. I chose to shred one of their decks last year that boasted a pussy cat sat outside a burning Whitehouse as a graphic and was stoked on the outcome, so this Am Chowder video was welcome to say the least.

San Jose local Daryl Angel adds the very first of the mental ingredients needed to create such a ravenous soup with a couple of tracks worth of nifty street skating. My favourite being a smooth as fuck wall ride 180 out which looks as slick as the rest of his overall bag of tricks.

Shane O’Neill takes the middle section and brings precision flips out of smiths and array of technical prowess and ups the ante once more. But if this short DVD was based on the number of taste receptor cells it wakes up as a soup then John Motta‘s part is la creme de la creme. He rinses spots like Clearasil with a sick kickflip wallride alongside ditch slaying, manny steez, feebles, roof ollies and shed loads more to complete a feast that was way worth the wait.

I guess the next step is a DVD from the rest of the pro team that includes sections of Reese Forbes, Brad Staba and Matt Beach. If this is the meant to be the entree then the main course can’t come quickly enough.

Emilio Gonzales