DVD Reviews

Routes by Morph

Ah! Finally a good scene video that I can sit through without hitting the fast forward button! Aspiring videographer, Morph assembled a bunch of friends and Long Live London crew members to put together Routes and take you on a journey through London’s streets.

The chosen few are Chris Ault, Joe Buddle, David Davies, Alex Greaves, Noodles, Matt Simpson, Joe Sivell and Jak Pietryga, and all of them put on a good show with tech ledge tricks as well as the mandatory big snaps. I think the obvious head turner of this DVD is Jak, but Joe Sivell, David and Chris are also noteworthy.

The overall presentation is clean and concise with a bit of time lapse footage, some slo-mo action and a varied soundtrack that should please any listener. Take note of Morph and his gang of merry men because they are the young blood that runs through the City’s veins. Well done!

Ralph Lloyd-Davis