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Rellic Skateboards – Faces in the Crowd DVD

Rellic Skateboards
Faces in the Crowd DVD

Now here is DVD you probably won’t find. Why? Because you’ve probably never heard of Rellic Skateboards before, nor have you heard of any of their riders, and you are probably too young to know who Adam McNatt is. Correct? I thought so.

So let me inytroduce these Faces in the Crowd: Rellic is Adam’s new venture coming straight out of Canada a.k.a. the great unknown lump above America often overshadowed by it’s Southern neighbour. This might explain why FITC hasn’t been picked up by the radar.

I only recognized two of the riders (Not including Adam McNatt who we all know used to buddy up with Koston on 101 back in the day): Craig Williams who I spotted in a Natural Koncept video (Don’t worry, I doubt you know much about the NK, but you should!), and Alex Rothbauer who I had seen in various bits of Canadian Border but what goes on North of the Border stays North of the Border, eh?

Anyway, despite gathering a group of relatively unknown and uninspiring faces, there are a couple of stand outs in this DVD. On eof those being Alex, and the other being some old transition ripper in a Porkpie hat, Roger Bruinsma. Roger seriously rips it up in various concrete landscapes, and in the bonus section of park footy, he pretty much takes care of business one-handedly.

Now, I don’t know how motivated you guys are to go look for FITC, but it’s still worth a watch none the less- I swear I saw a couple of guys in WHEELCHAIRS carving and blasting airs at Burnside somewhere in there!!! I found it nice to see new faces, but I reckon it’s best to watch with the sound off because this DVD is seriously top-heavy with the metal music. Oh, and Adam McNatt can still skate…

Ralph Lloyd-Davis