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Red Bull Seek and Destroy 3

The Red Bull Seek and Destroy road trip / contest is in it’s third leg now, and I think I’ve only heard of one before..? I guess the guys are rolling under the radar, and judging by the hijinks that go down on these trips, I reckon everyone involved is riding beneath the police radar too!

So, to break it down, the Seek and Destroy 3 trip had 4 teams travelling through Miami, Atlanta and Raleigh, hitting up various designated spots in a bid to walk away with $500 for each best trick and a whopping $10,000 for the overall winner. Despite the big purse up for grabs, not everyone seemed too hyped to perform. I guess that might be down to the itinerary and the schedule- 3 days!

So, who’s hot and who’s not, I hear you scream, well for that information I need to introduce each team: Team Los Angeles with Chris Roberts and Joey Brezinski, Team North Carolina with Kenny Hughes and Dan Murphy, Team Florida with Danny Renaud and Joel Meinholtz, and Team UK with Benny Fairfax and Olly Todd.

You’re probably pretty stoked on reading that last entry, and our beloved duo don’t disappoint. I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that Olly and Benny are currently living large with a cool 10 G’s in their pocket, and deservedly so. Honestly, looking at each team’s montage, I’d be hard pushed to say anyone actually went for it more than the UK team.

Biased? Well, not when you think team Florida invited a bunch of their mates and Danny Renaud wasted his talent away in a jail cell after wrecking a hotel room – What’s the point??? Team’s NC and LA just seemed like they were having a good laugh and ran with the ball, but that doesn’t mean Joey Brezinski and Kenny Hughes didn’t pocket some cash for best tricks on the manual pad and 13 stair rails respectively. Another best trick worth mentioning is Joel Meinholtz’ alleyoop wallride to fakie 50-50 atop a wall. Sick!

The video winds down with the after-party hosted by Ol’ Dirty Clyde (Singleton) and his newly acquired gold fronts. Whilst suffers the unremunerated consequences of his acts (dumbass!), the UK team get well and truly plastered having bagged the cash and a newfound respect overseas. I even saw Olly Todd cry, it was so emotional!

Ralph Lloyd Davis