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NY Revisited Vol.1


Ah! The good ol’ days… Eastern Exposure, Mixtape, Trilogy: Three staples of what skateboarding stood for between 1996 and 1997. All three out of print and rare collectibles today. RB Umali, the mastermind behind virtually any East Coast footage you’ve seen, has compiled various lost tapes and gems onto this DVD: NY Revisited Volume 1.

In a purest form the tape has no music and rightly so. Anyone who can’t sense the stark reality of a skater as he skates through a city scape and grinds harsh surfaces is soulless. Plus, if the background sounds of a bustling town annoys your sensitive ears, you can play music on your stereo- any music- and enjoy.

This DVD might not be the easiest bird to catch (Thanks Steve!), but it is well worth the search if only for the bits of footage from the likes of the Jones Keefe, Maurice Key or Clyde Singleton.

RB has just recently announced the imminent release of Volume 2- 1997-98. More info at:

Ralph Lloyd-Davis