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Krooked Kronicles

After the 50th watch, I just noticed another delicate touch that makes me love the new Krooked DVD even more: A thank you for Michael J. Fox! Brilliant!

Krooked is a skate company, but sometimes I like to look at it like Mark Gonzales‘ private art project. You see, Krooked Kronichles is not your run-of-the-mill skate DVD with clearly defined parts, slick intro and grand finale. No, this DVD is an exhibition of creative skating at its best with Mark Gonzales leading his team of merry men in front of Dan Vellucci’s digital lens.

This DVD runs free with little skits here and there, but the spontaneity isn’t lost so you can really watch it from start to finish and feel amped to skate afterwards. Dan Drehobl, Van Wastell and Bobby Worrest all have full parts, plus not one but two montages of Gest Pros and various honourables. Oh, and Spike Jonze gets a trick in there too!

The amateurs Van Wastell and Bobby Worrest don’t disappoint. Initially, when Mark Gonzales announced his amateur duo, I didn’t really know what to expect. I hadn’t heard of either of them before and media coverage was kept low- surely in a bid to keep footage for this project. Well, Van and Bobby carry the Krooked banner of being handpicked by the Gonz and don’t break a sweat. I can see what Gonz saw in Van because this guy likes to mix things up a bit with his skateboard and think outside of the box. He also has an amazing ability to land 99% of his tricks as solidly as gold lingots. Bobby is also very clean, but opts for a more technical approach to his skating. This DC kid can switch things up at the drop of a hat, so I advise you to watch Bobby’s part several times to fully appreciate how good the young kid is.

Gest sections aside – featuring Guy Mariano, Zered Bassett, Donny Barley, Malcolm Watson etc…- there are two sections left: Dan Drehobl and the boss, Mark Gonzales. Dan opens his part with some liptrick pivot wizardry that might well stem a new trend for anyone that thought transition skating was boring. This part is chock full of incredible skating on some of the sickest concrete curves, bumps and lumps. Despite looking his age (disclosed) Dan can still kill it on his skateboard, so those of us with beer bellies rejoice! (Hell Yeah – Z-Ed)

Finally, the Gonz. Nobody can touch the Gonz, and when you hear all your favourite pros name-dropping Mark as their favourite skater or greatest inspiration, you know this veteran is doing something right. Mark is definitely a free-agent with his own agenda, but that’s why he gets respect. Hate on his mobbed kickflips, car jousting and general misunderstood stance on life all you want because I don’t think anyone’s listening. Mark embodies the true elements of skateboarding that so many of us wish we could have- fun, spontaneity, creativity, gnarliness and flow. Add to this a track by Run DMC and you’re laughing! Come take a ride (7 blocks) with Mark and witness the fitness.

Despite recent trends, skateboarding cannot be labelled and Krooked Kronichles confirms this. You know you need this DVD in your collection because without it, you’re missing out on one of skateboarding’s finest moments.


• Rhythm Sticks – Blackalicious
• Earache Eye – Cheech and Chong
• The Fall And Rise Of Elliot Smith – Blackalicious
• Forever in Blue Jeans – Neil Diamond
• In A Hurry & Cha love – Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
• Misdemeanor – Foster Sylvera
• Rock Box – Run DMC
• Electric Dope – Money Mark
• Hellz Bellz – A Grape Dope

Ralph Lloyd-Davis