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Heroin Skateboards – Live From Antarctica

I really want to do this DVD justice when I review it because Heroin are a good team, led by a good man (Fos) and they generate great skateboarding.

Re-reading that, I feel I just did them a huge injustice with a crap introduction… I could always pick my brain for a smart metaphor or analogy between Heroin Skatebaords and heroin the drug..? No- that would really suck!

Aah! And you think reviewing videos is a life of leisure…

Alright, listen: Live from Antarctica deserves a spot in your DVD collection because it represents the real fun we all have on our decks. Fos and the boys don’t take themselves too seriously, they push themselves to try new things and achieve improbabilities / impossibilities, they skate everything and anything, and they rock!

To get specific about the high qualities in this video, I would have to mention the great soundtrack, Alan Glass being behind the lens (and his hidden treasure!), the Osaka Daggers – Chopper and Hamaji- as well as other oriental cast members (Dal and Tamago) opening our eyes to new horizons, Howard Cooke– period, Fos‘ last trick (?), Chris Pulman’s youth and spirit, Rogie actually ripping the street and not some poor sod on a skate forum, and all the other multiple magical things peppered throughout this DVD. As you can see there are plenty or reasons to get a hold of Live from Antarctica.

The only thing I found a little hard to swallow was the attire Louie Jones and Nick Worthington manage to squeeze their bodies into. I swear if there weren’t boards under their feet, I’d have thought it was some obscure spandex street ballet..!? Punk it up!

Visit for all Heroin related skateboard addictions and also to watch the trailer to this fine DVD.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis