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Gnar Gnar

Lo-Fi of the highest quality…

That pretty much sums up this limited edition VHS video from the Krooked Camp.

Mark Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, Van Wastell, Bobby Worrest and guest skater, Alex Olson, got together with some cameras much older than your VX and filmed parts that actually get you more stoked to skate than the crispy clean digitalised images that feed the media hungry masses today.

Gnar Gnar was released on 1000 VHS tapes, so hunt yours down ASAP.

To put this into metaphorical context, I recently picked up my old stash of TapeKingz mixtapes from my old bedroom at my parents house. Every day I enjoy the poor quality avant-guard beats that were recorded deep in hood studios in New York during the early 90’s. Gnar Gnar is the same. It’s some of the finest skating caught on grainy magnetic tape and edited hastily to classic tracks. What more do you want?

I won’t say anymore because this video is a must see must have item. I assure you that it will re-stoke your stoke for skateboarding. 20 minutes of unadultered merkage. Oh, and in case you’re scared of the Gonz getting ‘weird’, don’t worry, this time he just skates!

Watch Gnar Gnar here but fuck watching it on the web, track it down, own a real copy and support your scene.

Ralph L-D