DVD Reviews


with Paul Rodriguez

I think it is almost official to say that handrail-stunt skating has had it’s fair share of the limelight, and the slow pushing street technicians are moving in.

This new video, Forecast, is the defense lawyer for the new breed and I think they have a pretty strong case. To help demonstrate just how tech and smooth they can get, Paul Rodriguez has hired the talent of Ronson Lambert, Nick McClouth, Mike Mo Capaldi, Jason Wakazawa and Mike Barker.

Now, I don’t care what any of you think of Paul because I honestly haven’t seen talent like this on a skateboard since Eric Koston back on H-Street. Paul can control his board and hold down tricks that a lot of you can try 500 times and still not get half the effect. Sorry.

Obviously all the skaters in this DVD are amazing, but only two are worth an extra mention: Ronson Lambert and Mike Mo. Ronson got a bit of a bollocking from me many moons ago (c.f. DNA Continuum review) and subsequently fell off the radar. He recently re-appeared fresher than ever with a scandalous amount of new tech tricks- some of which have never been done before. Mike Mo on the other hand is a newcomer that is shooting to success with this part as starters. Regular or switch is not a problem for Mike Mo, and if Girl have just taken him in as their newest amateur- you know the kid is good.

If this Forecast is a prediction for the future, then the future is bright! *

*Expect to hear that pundit a lot when reviewing this DVD!

Ralph Lloyd-Davis