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Creature Skateboards – Born Dead

If the Munster Family skated, you know they’d be sponsored by Creature Skateboards because even if these guys look hairy and scary at first, they are actually a bunch of jokers just getting high on death and even higher on their rides. Born Dead is a necrophilia promo DVD that features the entire team, including all new recruits, plus some friends because the more the merrier right?

Al Partenan opens the show and keeps all us skaters with beer bellies proud. Al kills transition. Don’t step. Sam Hitz skates nothing but pools of all shapes and sizes, and breaks land speed records with each carve. Josh Perkins is one of the new faces on the team and fills the slot of stuntman pretty well. A rail has to be over 15 feet long to fulfil Perkins needs.

My first encounter with John Ponts involved a false bribe of a ride to a party being refused if he didn’t leap a 10 foot long 6 feet high gap in less than three tries. Needless to say he did it in two! John is an all terrain vehicle who couldn’t care less about the well being of his body. Cody Boat and Alex Horn share a part full of high octane transition skating. Whilst the Boatman barges, Alex grabs the bull by horns and runs with it. Pun intended (Ha! Ha!).

OG Latino Vampire, Darren Navarette has one of the most awe-inspiring parts as he cruises nonchalantly up and over the face of danger to a heavy, heavy tune. The ladies love the vertical vampire. Drew Potter and David Gravette are the other two new faces of death on Creature, and honestly they rip. It’s either go strong or go home with these guy as they leap down chasms and rails regardless. Gravette gets last part, so you know what that means in video lingo- Good stuff!

The Creature team travelled all over the globe to get footy for this DVD, but instead of treating each journey like strictly business, they partied in several different time zones instead. Less serious than Zero, cleaner than Anti Hero, Creature are definitely worth watching if you’re a beers, bowls and barneys type of guy. To think this is only a promo is a joke, the full length should annihilate most when it drops…

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Ralph Lloyd-Davis