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Consolidated – Miles, just another invention DVD

Miles, just another invention / So quick achieved

I have to take my hat off to the guys at Consolidated Skateboards. These guys are all about skateboarding and you can tell they are in it and at it for all the good reasons- reasons many others have forgotten… This double DVD is only a couple of hours worth of great skating from a very diverse team, ad I guarantee you it will have you rolling about in no time.

Miles is a simple road trip that took the Consolidated team across America in search of sick parks and gnarly spots. The journey passes through Washington DC, Orcas Island, Minnesota and Arizona to name a few stops. There’s even some foreign footage in there in case you thought these skate troopers might turn up a chance to visit Spain, for instance. Seeing as everyone skates together and no-one gets a defined part, it’s hard to say who rips the hardest. I think the general vibe of Miles is to open your eyes and get you m travelling into the unknown because there is a whole wealth of spots out there that are yet to be found or skated to their full potential. If that was the plan, then its mission accomplished!

The second DVD, So quick achieved, is a short team video that came about through endless travels (c.f. Miles), and gathered footage since the last 18 months at least. Obviously the Consolidated riders are too busy riding to stop for photo Ops and press calls, so this DVD is a chance to catch up with some seriously good underground skaters. First up to bat and definitely on route to greater things is Emeric ‘Olu’ Pratt. Olu doesn’t skate like your average street skater and that’s a feather in his cap. Seth McCaluml (who recently got the boot!) comes through with a well-rounded part that hardly touches any familiar spots. Seth can and will skate anything you put in front of him- Lets hope his next sponsor realises this.

Stepping up for OG status at Consolidated is Roberto Aleman whose solid style races around your screen and has you scratching your head as to how he gets away with such gnarly tricks. Next up is the man- Karma Tsocheff. Karma never ceases to amaze me with keeping up to par and simply doing what he likes. Karma’s skill is often over-looked but trust me this guy can skate it all, and has skated it all- huge transitioned boat skeletons? No problem. Sweltering indoor demos? He’s there. Sketchy rough asphalt hills? Karma’s had it. Finally, SQA ends with a sweet part from Brian Heck. I remember thinking this guy was looking comfortable on his board a few years ago, so today he’s breezing it. That said, Brian will still risk on some hairy line or carve if necessary.

So, for a double DVD pack, Miles and SQA are worth your pounds and pence. Even if Consolidated don’t hog the limelight, and half their riders are globally unknown, this team embodies skateboarding to the fullest. Whether it’s travelling with friends in search of new terrain, or standing up for the restless roots of our culture and taking it to the face of dubious corporate management, Consolidated get it done.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis