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Div Adam Reflections 2011

Photo: Nick Penna

div_adamThe man who kicks off 2011’s ‘Reflections’ end of year features needs almost no introduction. The feral Scottish ripper who should pick up an award this year for nailing every transition like a raging bull has spent this year hitting the trail in California and living the dream.

Enjoy some of Div’s memoirs and get hyped on his out of control chariot entertaining your eyes and ears in 2012.

Best personal moment of 2011?

Skating the best parks in the fuckin bizz.

Favourite skate trip?

Scotty and the Scots, cause there wiz a Scott and a couple a Scots kickin aboot the States.

Most satisfying trick made?

Every time I go skate!

Best song you listened to most in 2011?

Dystopia – Stress Builds Character

Story of 2011?

I hud a garage sale this year and this vet dude cruised to get some shit told me he used to do underwater rescues for missing persons. He used to free dive, nae breathing apparatus! They were looking for this Asian dude and he says he found him in the shallows stuck in a cave in Mission Bay. When he seen him he was clenching on to his chest. So he tells me they pulled his body out and and opens his fist and he was holding on to a lucky rabbits foot!

Newest trick?

Breaking back trucks like a mother fucker!

The trick that got away?

Hurricane fakie over/round the love seat at Washington Street. (WSVP)

Best trick or line you witnessed?

Pedro at Bucky’s bowl.

Skate flick you watched the most?

Gleaming the Cube.

Your MVP of the year?

Deluxe Distribution – they’re the fuckin’ rulers!

Fresh Blood tip for 2012?

Shaw Salidino rips.

What are you looking forward to most about 2012?


Favourite top 3 video edits of the year.

1. The sneezing bear. Gets you hyped because a said so.

2. Remi Gaillard. Mario Kart. He is fuckin’ nuts because a said so.

3. Anti Hero commercials because a fuckin’ said so.

Shouts and thanks to:

Ma family n aw ma mates. Jon Alden is the man. Antihero 18