Welcome to Crossfire Radio.

What music do you want?

Are you up for some chilled beats or some heavy shit?

The links above will take you to all 6 shows that we try and put together for broadcast monthly. You know the score, we run this site for the fun of it so if you find that one month the shows are not ready on time, don’t stress, they will go live when they go live.

You can Podcast these shows from the feeds section here and as we go along we will have more special guests lined up which makes the shows flow a lot better. If you have requests for any particular show, then leave them on our forums by clicking through to a direct thread here. We will play pretty much every request and will find your tunes for you.

Please feel free to pass this URL onto other people who would be interested in hearing these….the more people that hear them, the better as they take up a lot of time, but we love it so get your ears wet…..