Crossfire Launches Podcasts…

You can now listen to Crossfire Radio and watch Tricks of the Week as soon as they become available. This means you’ll never miss a beat and stay up to date with all the best skate tricks from the UK and beyond… You can do this with our newly launched podcasts. What’s that I hear you say???


A podcast is simply a file that sits on the site that your computer checks regularly to see when we’ve updated our content, when it finds new content, it will either let you know about it or automatically download it for you so you can watch it whenever you want, and you can even listen to it on your ipod.

“Sounds Good to me… How do I hook this up then?”

Well firstly you need software. We here at Crossfire recommend Apple’s iTunes. You need to download and install this if you don’t already have it. (There are other ways of podcasting… but iTunes is easiest).

Subscribe to PodcastOnce you have installed iTunes, the fun begins…

firstly you need to open the program and then from the menu at the top, select Advanced and then third option down, Subscribe to podcast

Subscribe to PodcastNow a window should popup where you can enter a url for the podcast… Here you will need to copy and paste one of these two addresses:

Trick of the Week:

Do this for both addresses and you should end up with this:


If you have any problems, come visit us in the forums.