What are you doing? – 303 Boardshop

DVD review from Middle American???

Do these names mean anything to you- Nial Frederickson, Gordie Covsino, Paul Azevedo, Jerrod Saba, Derik Milton or Sean Frederickson? No? Me neither. Well, that is until What are you doing? DVD from 303 Boardshop dropped into my lap. This is a very hard to get DVD because it’s from a chain of skateshops based in Mid-America i.e. Not California or New York. So, is it worth trying to get a hold of? Yes and no. Here’s why…

I heard about this video from a friend who seemed really stoked on it and advised it to me. I complied and soon understood why he was so hyped: If good unknown amateurs skating their local spots (which can be unseen or not depending on whether or not the Girl or Zero teams flew through…) floats your boat, then Hey! Get digging! But if you are a bit fazed by the umpteenth teen kickflip boardsliding a rail and hucking themselves down Big 4’s- Don’t bother…

Actually, that is a bit harsh because even if a few of these guys are just cookie cutter types, a couple of them actually have genuine talent. Sean Frederickson is one of them by knowing how to put together lines, mix his manuals and his rails to complete a worthy part. Otherwise there is Jerrod Saba who just seems to be out for the laughs, even though he obviously has good board control.

Overall, this video IS worth checking out for the possibility of seeing what your average Mid-America(n) skater can do with his board. But, don’t expect anything way too epic because kids like that have already been picked off the tree.