The Weather Underground

Rocket in My Hand

The Weather Underground came together in an atmosphere of good-natured rebellion on New Year’s Eve 2004/5. Their songs are tragicomic bouts of joy and rage, bristling with the energy, poetry and sonic invention of a band who know that nothing is out of bounds and know that surprise is to be expected.

They have already earned themselves an impressive live reputation, with gigs at, among others, Ryan’s bar, Barden’s boudoir, The Underbelly, The 491 Gallery, Rock Satellite and Utrophia. one recital prompted darktownstruttersball to write: “Live favourites The Weather Underground are an awesome two-man-band spectacle to rival the White Stripes, with the politico-poetic vocals of Jello Biafra and post-punk tendencies of the DFA to boot.”

Russell was invited to join as a special guest for a one off gig singing and playing his trusty melodica. he was so irresistible they couldn’t bare to let him go. Basically, three angry jazzbos playing perfect folk songs in a rockin’ stylee. Fight music for lovers.