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Narwhals are found northwards from Ashford through much of London. The population found here are most abundant. However, the Narwhal is rare in Siberia and Alaska. The Narwhal is one of many hardcore/screamo species. The species features ex members of Soon the Darkness, After Every Tempest and Sea of Shit. It resembles City of Caterpillar, Breakwater and other early ‘Ebullition’ style bands in appearance and is considered a relative of this mammal.

The Narwhal is a social animal. It is known to live in small groups of 5 individuals. Sometimes, males gather in a pod of bachelors. During the migratory season, Narwhals tend to lead other groups, which results in hundreds and thousands of species going in one direction

Narwhals make use of pulsed calls. They are also known to whistle, yet it is rare. It is believed that individuals may have specific calls. They produce these sounds to communicate with their group members. The sounds can be pulse and tonal. Pulse sounds can be as high as 20-40 kHz. Tonal sounds made by Narwhals tend to be about 0.3-18 kHz. Field recordings of these communications have been posted above but are of fairly poor quality due to squally conditions at sea and the reclusive nature of these creatures around humans.