I Quit

In 2001 Belgian singer songwriter, J.P.Risse moved to Scotland. The placement of an advert in a Glasgow music store led to him meeting Rodger Hughes. Inspired by their love of music they started writing songs together. They approached Gary McMillan and Daniel McGuire and formed Solarise. In 2003 the band released their debut EP, “Songs for the Devil.” It immediately caught the attention of the Scottish media, inspiring one radio presenter to proclaim Solarise as “One of the most exciting & innovative bands of the year!”

They soon attained much international interest through increasing airplay throughout Europe, and were soon approached to perform at a range of festivals. Performing extensively throughout most of 2004, Solarise quickly earned themselves a reputation as one of the most interesting and exciting live bands in Scotland, combining their eclectic blend of music with stunning visual images, produced by artist Tom Elliot

In autumn 2004, the band started recording their debut album, “Still The Same Dream”. Album preview tracks impressed BBC Radio 1’s Jo Whiley so much she included the band in a weeklong ‘Best of new British’ feature on her show. The Album was recorded in Scotland and mixed by Producer, Rudy Coclet in Belgium. In spring 2006 Solarise will be playing a series of dates throughout the UK to coincide with release of the album. Solarise are currently looking for a manager to take their band forward and during this search they are hard at work on their follow up album.