Bored with the latest wave of soul-destroying guitar music, DrugdealerCheerleader is a rock’n’roll band, pure and simple. There’s no doubt about it the music that the band are playing isn’t the most appealing to the so called trend-setters in their ivory towers – but by god it’s filled with fuel-injected passion. DrugdealerCheerleader don’t care about what the trendy set perceive as cliché. They wear make-up, say “motherfucker”, have loud distorted guitars, pogo on stage and simply rock with no thought for those that don’t want to roll with them. Marrying melody and energy DrugdealerCheerleader’s songs are filled with ocean-wide hooks and a devil may care attitude. All that’s left to say is go and dust off the rock’n’roll attitude put it back on and watch out for the next generation…

“Fuck ’em if they can’t deal with it” – DrugdealerCheerleader front man Hilda on being told to calm his act down….