Puzzle – Summer 2005

RLD reviews the latest dvd from the hands of Puzzle.

What?!? Yet another Puzzle review?? But that stuff comes for free AND it’s just a Euro video magazine- same old, same old. Well, yes. But, the latest Puzzle was placed in my hands for a purpose, so I’ll fulfill my journalistic duties and let you know what it’s like.

First of all, this Puzzle comes across as being pretty shit i.e. yet another skate trip to Spain, the Globe World Cup in Oz, you’re usual cutting room floor Jumble footy, Aeon G-ing it up in Poland and Chris Oliver. If you actually watch the damn thing though, you’ll soon realise that the video is quite good. The sheer size of the obstacles at the last Globe event, and consistency with which they are skated, still shocks me. Plus, there is no annoying Double D (Dave Duncan) Mcing! As for the Spain feature, I don’t quite know where they went but there were loads of sick spots that I’ve never seen before, so I don’t quite see how that can disappoint. Finally, Chris Oliver comes through with a pretty powerful part that mixes a lot of UK and Oz footage.

Things to keep an eye out for are Tommy Marchal’s banger of a front side 180 switch crooked grind, Chris Oliver’s best impersonation of Pat Duffy on a double kinker, William Phan’s finely tuned steez, Josh Evin’s HUGE front side air and Flynn Trottman’s heel flip. Things you might not like are the impulsive mannerisms that the Aeon team have blurting silly Westwood style Big-ups after each trick.

In any case, Puzzle is free for download at and the only real occasion for you to appreciate the abilities of unknown heroes like Eero Anntila, Severin Von Ow or Lionel Krop. Smell the bacon and peep this!