North 2 – Port Moody Blues

Straight off the bat, I can tell you that I was so damn happy to secure a copy of this video in my collection! Already the prequel, North, had me pretty stoked on the Canadian scene, so when the second leg, Port Moody Blues, was dropped, I jumped to the occasion to grab a copy. But… To no avail! Due to crappy distribution of certain products around the world, North 2 escaped me for a good 18 months. That is why this review is a little late in the making. Sorry. But anyway, back to the feature at hand. It rocks! Without the funny Beaver skits of its predecessor, North 2 has a lot more space for local talent and highlights this with loads of good footage from everyone including Leks Baris, Keegan Saunder, Sheldon ‘Pirate’ Meleshenski (Sp?), Ted DeGros and a whole heap more. Before I saw this video, everyone who had seen it had one name on their lips: Wade Fyfe. Now, Wade definitely has the skills to pay the bills, but I reckon it’s the Beatles track used in his part that had people transfixed. I’m not saying he can’t skate because he definitely can, but a strong bit of background music can go a long way for some. In fact, on a side note, the music throughout the video is top knotch and bound to be in a few I-pod playlists already…

The kid that REALLY kills it though is Russ Milligan, so it’s only right that he gets last part (after Wade). Russ has style, flow, technicality and a mean fakie 5-0 to throw at you through the screen. He already had a promising part in North, but here he takes a whole leap forward in class. Wade is coming up- Watch out!

I’ll cut this review off here before I start sounding like I was given a healthy back-handed sum for this hype. Port Moody Blues deserves a place in your collection, so get out there and find it!