Never Been Loved

OG Distribution

Isn’t it great when something simple and sweet comes along, possibly for free, with no frills attached?

It isn’t everyday that you see a video put together by a distribution company, either… Well, OG Distribution made another contribution to skateboarding with ‘Never Been Loved‘, a DVD that showcases the talent of Rory Milanes, Mathias Nylen, Chris Oliver, James Gardner, Simon Skipp and Ross McGouran.

The video is called a ‘promo’, but judging by the quality and quantity of the product, ‘promo’ is an under-statement. So, who did what? Where? Why? Blah, blah, blah… All you need to know is Ross McGouran definitely has a place among the new breed of UK skaters. This kid can ride everything! James Gardner is also on the up and doesn’t worry about getting tech despite the crappy British spots he’s served. Needless to say, when James goes abroad, he takes care of business. Rory Milanes makes a debut and takes care of some London Street skating for your viewing pleasure. His last trick is a banger! Simon Skipp hucks his older, yet nimbler, frame through peculiar transition and odd spots. Simon is a steadfast piece of UK skateboarding, so his part needs particular attention.

Finally, I can’t decide between enders for this video: Mathias Nylen is beaten to it by Chris Oliver, but they both have amazing parts. Mathias kills the ‘crete at Harrow, Romford and elsewhere, whilst Chris takes it to the streets of Spain, Australia, London and anywhere else he can drag his mad pop around with him.

Seeing as ‘Never Been Loved’ is a promo video, you can sort of tell that production gadgetry was kept to a bare minimum. This is good because it doesn’t distract you from the sick skating. Also, as a distribution company, the way in which OG pays it’s dues to it’s clients by putting forward such a well-rounded group of individuals works because the sponsors get a mention, and the viewers get to see who’s killing it in the UK at the moment. Good stuff!