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This story is just one of the many that i have to put up with living in London on a weekly basis but this one really hit home.

I want to bring it to your attention as it it happened on the very street that i lived for 5 years and now i live only 5 mins walk from the spot where Tom ap Rhys Pryce was brutally stabbed to death for £20 in cash, his mobile phone and an oyster card.

If you ever wondered why this website is called Caught in the Crossfire you probably have your answer from reading this very page as the UK has become a breeding ground for youth culture that is simply out of control due to various factors that will be discussed in this More To Life feature. It’s not big, it’s not clever but it’s a reality; violent crime is not going away and when it’s opened up on your own doorstep with the entire country looking in from every media angle, one feels as though it’s time to talk about it.

Tom ap Rhys Pryce was coming home from a hard days graft as a lawyer in London on January 12 2006. He left the station where murderers Donnel Carty, 19, of Kensal Green, and Delano Brown, 18, of Sudbury Hill, North-West London had already mugged one person as they left the tube. Little did Tom know that 10 minutes later, he would be a victim of a voilent stabbing that led to his life being taken from him merely for £20 in cash, a mobile phone and an oyster card. He was stabbed in the arm, face, and twice in the chest as he tried to defend himself, as you would fighting for your life against 2 grown men. His assailants left him to die in the gutter and left blood-splattered along the street where he tried his hardest to make it home to get help a few doors away….

Yesterday (28.11.06) these 2 murdering scumbags were sentenced to life in prison but life means 17-21 years thesedays and you know that good behaviour can sometimes almost half a sentence, so will these people be able to have freedom again unlike Tom ap Rhys Pryce? Should they not be banished to LIFE in prison for such a callous, greedy murder? It seems these days that the law has become useless and hardly a deterrent to stop crimes like this taking place…

When i grew up we had respect for people, our fathers would come home and you would run to avoid being collared and given the bollocking you probably deserved but these days, parents cannot even raise a hand to a child for fear of prosecution. Even though we were little buggers skating the streets at silly hours of the morning and doing outr thing, we would never dream of doing what kids are doing today. I know times change but it’s becoming ridiculous.

How many more yellow police signs do i have to witness on the streets in my area? Is is the same where you live? Is it? I want to know and know today because this has issue become a sick joke. Please click here and leave your message if so.

Are the sentences in this country too weak? Why are the judges not sentencing these people to bigger jail terms? Why am i hearing that prisoners have Xbox consoles to play on?

Is it lack of postive role models and/or education? Is it their inability to see that 50 cent and So Solid Crew are just entertainment? Is it the fact that most kids smoke manufactured, home-made chemical filled skunk and are slowly rotting their brains?

I have so many questions and not many answers anymore. But what i do know is that i’m sick of seeing this happen in my area and i’m sick of hearing about it spreading like a social disease.

I hope that somehow, the sentence these people received this week will this be a deterrent for the thousands of other kids out there who treat human life worse than animals, somehow i doubt it, it may be too late.

I’m sure people would think twice if there was a zero tolerance system put in place and people thought twice, but this will only come good if the funding that is spent on fony wars can be brought back into our own country.



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