Machines Don’t Care

Machines Don’t Care
Machines Don’t Care
(Self Released)

Supergroups are common through guitar based music. Grab a heap of musicians from seminal bands, knock out a few tunes and Bob’s your money-making uncle. But now we’ve got arguably the first ever electro-ghettotech-baile-dancehall super group in Machines Don’t Care with a line up consisting of Sinden, Hervé, Toddla T, Drop The Lime, Fake Blood, Trevor Loveys, Affie Yusuf and Detboi with Serocee giving it some vocal welly on one track.

Even before listening to the self-titled album, it is obvious that it isn’t going to suck. With a line up as good as that, you’re guaranteed bangers from top to bottom and that is exactly what you get. From Toddla’ and Hervé’s dancehall infused Badman to the groggy basslines of Hervé and Sinden’s Afro Jacker and Trouble On The Floor by Trevor Loveys and Fake Blood, you get a dance soundtrack of epic proportions.

The track you can hear by clicking above is Jugs, produced by Detboi and Sinden which a bumper bassline jumping all over the drums and a vocal sample imploring the ladies to “wave your brassiere in-a de air”. And you know what? This record is enough to make me take hormone pills, grow a set, head into Harmony, pick up a particularly racey bit of cup holding equipment just so I can take it off and wave it in the air.