Instant Winner

Yet another new company. Yet another new video. No, actually Instant Winner deserves your attention because the goods they bring to the table are top-knotch. ‘Nickels and Dimes’ is the mandatory visual presentation from this East Coast independent company that doesn’t seem to bothered with following the herd. In fact, the only person I recognised on this team was Billy Rohan, and even he hasn’t had mass coverage of late. A full part (and last part) from Billy was fresh and packed full of crazy goodies. But, Billy isn’t the only killer on Instant Winner, there is also Alex Turan, Joey Seguna, Brett Abransky and Scotty Moore to take care of the rails, banks, gaps and manuals. If you are aware of a sweet website called, you might recognise those last two riders, I mentioned. Good stuff from North Carolina and thereabouts. There is a nice Coney Island Funfair thread that leads us through this presentation, and a steady soundtrack by indie rock bands. The video runs at a perfect length of about 25 minutes, no nonsense- just skating, well… Except for the Coney Island skits. Instant Winner is still a free flowing small operation, but I fully recommend paying attention because some of their stuff might hit close to home, in other words; take note of the spots these guys skate because a couple of them could easily be on British soil!