We mite be alright…

Fact of the Day: Rock music makes termites chew through wood twice their usual speed!

Right now as you read this, we have decided to take a day out of HQ and go street skating with Louie Barletta so you can see him skate in London in our forthcoming DVD that will drop in 2010! Expect an interview from him on this site over the next month or so once we get our shit together.

Coming very soon we have interviews with The Darkest Hour on Victory Records but today we welcome Ali Boulala, – the Flip and Etnies pro rider who rejoins us from his last interview from 18 months ago. Click here if you missed it.

To cool you down in the hour of need, we have The Fallout Trust interview ready for you to read. If you like your music with an edge, these guys have something a little special to offer.

If you like your music RAW, we have an hour long Crossfire special for you this month in the Psych Out Show featuring the dirtiest garage rock from the 1960’s…this shit is the bomb, be warned, this show rocks like no other!

For all you Hip Hop heads looking into this screen, Abjekt is back with an hour long mix of the best beats and lyrics around featuring Dead Prez and Asaviour to Giant Panda and RA the Rugged Man. Get in there, this Hip Hop radio show is a beast.

Filmed your mate slamming on his balls recently? Now you can something with it. Host the file somewhere like, send the link to us by visiting and win yourself a Crossfire T-Shirt, an Angels and Airwaves album and a pair of Macbeth Shoes this month!

We now have the full video feature of the Crossfire 7-Set Jam live for you on the site featuring Louie Barletta, Neil Smith, Adam Howe, Richard Flude and many many more skaters killing it at our last official gathering so get in there and download it whilst this site is still a FREE entity.

Geoff Rowley joins us for an exclusive interview this week. This is the first interview Geoff has on the site and is one of the best we have ever delivered. As you will see, his quotes and answers are from the heart and straight forward, this is a man that seems to know what he wants, that is unless he is flying by the seat of his pants!

When you get up in the morning do you go for a Heavy Shit or a Punk Pop Poo? Find out more about this in this months immensly Heavy Shit metal radio show. The new show is filled with thrash, death and classic bangers from start to finish featuring Rise and Fall, Goatsnake, Sabbath, Vader, Nailbomb and many more!