Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor
Better Ways To Die
(Bridge 9)

As far as tough guy hardcore goes Death Before Dishonor have been on the front line for a few years, and their new album Better Ways to Die is definitely a step up from their original sound. These Bridge 9 big guns have been touring extensively for years and hopefully this album could be the one that sets them out from the crowd.

The first track Peace and Quiet starts off with a full on face melting solo, something you rarely hear in hardcore in general, so I’m already a bit pleased this isn’t just generic crap. Okay so most of the album is pretty standard, fast vocals, breakdowns, beatdowns, gang vocals etc etc. But some parts of it really stand out; in the track Remember there’s a bit with some harmonious “ooooooh’s” behind the fast singing, which is really daring for a hardcore band to do!

I can’t really be mad at DBD for not being too daring, because if they were too outlandish they’d instantly be condemned by the hardcore scene, but the fact that they’re trying to do something even a little different is really admirable.

I’ll admit when I saw I was reviewing this band I wasn’t looking forward to listening to 30 minutes of the same old textbook hardcore bullshit, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the little perks DBD have thrown into the album, these little nuances might even get the band a few more fans from other scenes.

Looking at it from a hardcore point of view it is a good album and I’m sure the kids will dig it, the riffs are good, the bridges are moshable and the vocals are as pissed off as anything else. So if you’re already a fan of this band then this album will just confirm your feelings, but if you’re looking for something hardcore and want something a little different from the norm, this album is perfect for you.

Jonathan Teggert